What Kind Of Hero Will You Become?

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Nobody read this part nope nope nope if you are actually reading this part then write "I WAS REALLY BORED SO I READ THE PARAGRAPH FOR NO REASON" in the comments :P

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Created by: Sunday1

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which of these sounds like the most important goal to you personally?
  2. Which of these lifestyles would suit you better?
  3. You were wronged in your life!! How do you react!?
  4. Your favorite animal here is...?
  5. Your favorite color is...? (You know I had to ask at some point ;)
  6. Your favorite thing here is...?
  7. You would rather kill one person so thousands of others live, or charge in headfirst, possibly killing yourself.
  8. Would you give up your own dreams to save others as a lifestyle.
  9. Your friends you've had in your life so far have been mostly...
  10. IF YOU RATE this quiz down please tell me WHY in the comments so I can IMPROVE. I would really appreciate it and it doesn't take long to do. :) Thanks.

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Quiz topic: What Kind Of Hero will I Become?