The Maze Phaze (chapter 1 of 3)

You've dreamt of being your town hero, and in the kingdom of Safai, a hero is really needed. Their sorcerer Seferna has lost her Light Orb, and it is your job to find it!

Are YOU Safai's hero? Will you find the Light Orb and become a hero? Only taking the quiz will you find out. That is why you should, and in a few minutes you can find out!

Created by: E.x p e r t

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  1. You are part of a kingdom called Sanfai. Their main sorcerer is called Seferna. She has lost her Light Orb in a maze, and the king has asked YOU to go and find it! WHAT DO YOU SAY?
  2. Whatever answer you've selected, you decided to go and find the orb. 'Please, choose your horse!' the king says. WHAT HORSE DO YOU CHOOSE?
  3. You've chosen your horse, and the king suddenly says, 'You may choose one weapon to take,' WHAT WEAPON DO YOU CHOOSE?
  4. Now you've got a weapon and a horse. Before you leave, you collect food, and Seferna gives you some advise. 'You will find the orb in the *middle* of the maze. Do not stray into hedge rows that look *burnt*' You wonder why she says this. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?
  5. Now you have set off. You are galloping towards the maze, and it looms above you. Suddenly it is dark. WHAT DO YOU DO?
  6. You've finally gone into the maze. Your horse blindly runs, even though now it is dawn. You comfort it with relaxing words. Suddenly it shies again. Something moves in the hedge rows. WHAT DO YOU DO?
  7. It turns out the movement was caused by a figgle, a small dragon thing. But fortunately they are harmless. So you walk your horse on, and it obeys, despite several spooks. Finally the day is over, and you do not know where you are. WHAT DO YOU DO?
  8. You've eaten and drunk, and found your position. Now it's time to journey on. HOW MANY WEEKS OR DAYS DO YOU WANT TO JOURNEY FOR?
  9. Now you get to know what your outcome of the maze was...but what do you think will happen?
  10. Finally, have you enjoyed this quiz/story? (positiveness is good here XD)

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