The Maze Phaze (chapter 2 of 3)

You've dreamt of being your town hero, and in the kingdom of Safai, a hero is really needed. Their sorcerer Seferna has lost her Light Orb, and it is your job to find it! Are YOU Safai's hero? Will you find the Light Orb and become a hero? Only taking the quiz will you find out. That is why you should, and in a few minutes you can find out! So now you have found the light orb, or you have perished. Either way, you'll find it again.

But whether you will loose it, come home with it, or even flee with it, it's all down to YOU in this story/ quiz. Maybe...just maybe...You'll be our hero!

Created by: E.x p e r t

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  1. In the previous quiz, which outcome did you get?
  2. OK, so if you got 'finding the middle..etc' then skip this question. If you didn't listen up! Seferna has given you one last chance! WHAT DO YOU SAY TO THIS?
  3. OK, if you had just done that question, then you've just gone into the maze again and found the orb! If not, then you've already got the orb and are in the middle of the maze! So the question is... WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW?
  4. OK, so now you have to go home right? Yeah, so you are trotting along the hedges...and you see the *burnt* hedge rows! DO YOU REMEMBER THEM?
  5. Well, whatever you choose to remember, you've thought that it's the way out! Just as you are deep in the burnt hedges, you realise what Seferna truly said! Suddenly a big fire balls shoots your way, now your realise why the hedge's are burnt! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?
  6. Well it turns out the fire is coming from a GIANT figgle! This one, however, seems to be more than just strike at it with your weapon, but despite your efforts, your horse has been turned to ash... :( (me: aw...I like horses!) WHAT DO YOU DO?
  7. So whatever you choose, your running wildly from this figgle! Suddenly light blinds you! Could this be the entrance? It is! You run through it, and see Sanfai not even a mile from you. ARE YOU GOING TO LEAVE?
  8. OK, so now the Figgle has gone, and your running through the palace gardens! Suddenly you see Seferna, and she beckons you to follow. So you follow, and she asks for the Light Orb! WHAT DO YOU SAY?
  9. OK, so let's pretend you've refused to give it to her (not saying you should of chosen that). Seferna says, 'Well said, young one. Doing this, I respect you. You may keep the Light Orb!' WHAT BODY LANGUAGE DO YOU SHOW HER?
  11. Finally, will you take chapter three of the quiz!?

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