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Do you think you have what it takes to pass this chapter in Accelerated chemistry. Its not easy, and you will need to be prepared. Be ready to enter a new world of tough questions that can put you down or bring you up

Can you pass this test? Do you have what it takes to get past this chapter? Its harder than it seems. Can you qualify? You can now answer all of these questions with this great quiz. In just a few minutes we will see if you have what it takes

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  1. Properties that do depend on the amount of matter present.
  2. Name an extensive property
  3. Name an extensive property
  4. Name an extensive property
  5. Name an extensive property
  6. How shiny a substance is
  7. The ability of a substance to be beaten into thin sheets.
  8. Hardness...?
  9. The ability of a substance to be drawn into thin wires
  10. The ability of a substance to allow the flow of energy or electricity
  11. The temperature at which the solid and liquid phases of a substance are in equilibrium at atmospheric pressure.
  12. Boiling Point
  13. The mass of a substance divided by its volume
  14. Properties that do not depend on the amount of the matter present
  15. A measurement of the amount of matter in a object (grams).
  16. Weight
  17. Volume

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