How well do you know about SNU trainees?

29 English teachers are taking intensive English program in SNU. How well do you know about them? Did you spare enough time to get to know them? Check it out!

Answer the 10 questions to find out more specific information about trainees. You might think you know all about them. But, you'll be surprised when you find out some shocking information.

Created by: Ally
  1. Who has tons of DVDS illegally downloaded?
  2. Who has the biggest smile?
  3. Who likes debate most?
  4. Which is not a member of acting club?
  5. Who has got the nickname, naughty?
  6. Who is the worst in UNO game?
  7. Who couldn't read Korean until 12?
  8. Who had a blind date more than 60 times?
  9. Whose husband is the nicest?
  10. Whose English is the best?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about SNU trainees?