How well do you know your English?

There are many smart people. Some people know quite a lot about English, some even have brains whizzing with knowledge. If you don't know much about English maybe you know more about something else.

Are you great at English? Do you have enough knowledge to solve many questions about English? If you take this quiz you will find out if you are smart.

Created by: RainbowSparklez
  1. "Look! Over _____! It's a _____!" Smiles the girl
  2. "I can _____ someone swimming in the _____ over _____!" There boy points
  3. If you don't share equally it's not _____. I had to pay for the bus _____.
  4. The month after January:
  5. You sit on a _____.
  6. I think _____ is a good subject.
  7. You need _____ to cut paper.
  8. Fish:
  9. Tomato. Fruit or veg?
  10. Add the speech marks: Hello, how are you? the lady asked.
  11. I lost my toy! The little boy cried
  12. Add the comma: It was such a rainy day a family got soaked.
  13. Add the apostrophe: The mans car was being stolen.
  14. In the football game 1 of the boys scored.
  15. Add the capital letters: at the park, i played with jack and oliver.
  16. Pick the proper sentence: The _____ played in the garden
  17. I _____ in the field.
  18. I _____ all of my dinner.
  19. My friend _____ a story.
  20. Formal writing: _____, I am (Name) and I need to _____ about the fruits I _____ from your store. You probably picked out the _____ ones. Maybe it was a bit _____ in the room where you do fruit, maybe that is why? Don't you _____.
  21. Informal writing: Hey, _____, remember the fun party we had the other week. I was _____ when I came. I am _____ come next time. Bye!
  22. Question marks: When you get lost you may ask "Where am I"
  23. Exclamation marks: When you get angry at someone you may shout "I hate you"
  24. Prefixes: In+perfect=
  25. Mis+spell=
  26. Suffixes: Kind+ness=
  27. Run+ing=
  28. Time connectives: Is first a time connective?
  29. Is because a time connective?
  30. Is finally a time connective?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my English?