Do You Know Fishing

I love to fish. I fish to live. Do you think so as well. If not then you probably dont like my quizzes. But I dont really care as I wrote them for fun.

Try it an see if you know what I know. I could have made this quiz REALLY long, but for time sake I kept it short. But I am sure I'll make a longer more extensive one in the future.

Created by: popnotssuck
  1. Salmon eggs are largely able to be used as bait because they are attached to a membrane.
  2. The best color of spinner/spoon lures to use on an overcast day is...
  3. If fly-fishing with DRY flies, what section of the fly is the fish most likely to see?
  4. You can hold any size fish by only the lower jaw and the fish will be fine.
  5. Fish will not enter water shallower than 6inches.
  6. A Surgeons loop. Is it a real or fake thing?
  7. Salmon thrive on both the East and West coast of the US?
  8. A 20# braided fishing line is larger in size than a 20# monofilament fishing line.
  9. Fish can see underneath themselves.
  10. A fish may die if fought for too long.

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