Is your relationship doomed to fail?

Relationship quizes are a dime a dozen, but you are here because they are addictive and fun. You want to know how other people would rate you. You want to know what kind of crazy questions that you will get asked.

You are here because you secretly wonder... or because you are so darn confident that you're fool proof you are just fishing for reassurance. Which is it? Come on, fess up. That right there should tell you something!

Created by: Candm
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  1. You're at a party, your other half is...
  2. One of you is crying over how you look in a swimsuit/swimshorts, the other is...
  3. You're on vacation, and so p--- star look alike walks by, your other half...
  4. The cat you've had for like a thousand years dies, your other half would...
  5. Your other 1/2's favorite thing to say to you is...
  6. Serious question: Is there ever any abuse. Physical, or emotional? If you suffer from any form of abuse, please get help.
  7. Do you share many of the same ideas?
  8. Do they do sweet things for you for no reason?
  9. Would he/she ever cheat?
  10. Why are you taking this test?

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Quiz topic: Is my relationship doomed to fail?