Do you know fishing?

What is it to fish. If you are asking that question then you wont like this quiz. This is about fishing. I fish and if you don't then I probably already don't like you.

So what do you know about fishing anyway? Try it out an see how little you know. I am sure that nobody will get this stuff right, because nobody knows most of this stuff. Are you an idiot?

Created by: Richard
  1. You go fishing at least...
  2. The weakest part of fishing gear is the?
  3. Palomar is what?
  4. If fly-fishing, what is the first thing you do before fishing a stream.
  5. When is it ok to use Stainless-steel hooks?
  6. Braided line floats?
  7. The most important thing to look for in a body of water is?
  8. Is winter is the best time of the year to catch bass?
  9. If fishing for salmon you have to know how to tie an egg-loop knot.
  10. If you catch a sturgeon you are not allowed to remove the fish from the water, even to remove the hook.
  11. If practicing catch and release the best thing to do is?
  12. When going fishing the best food to take with you is?

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Quiz topic: Do I know fishing?