How well do you know your dog breeds?

Not everyone knows their dog breeds as well as other people do. Some people are geniuses in the dog world, but some are not. Even if some people are dog lovers and/or owners, they may not have very extensive knowledge about lots of different dog breeds.

Where do you stand with your dog breed knowledge? With only a few questions, you'll find out! Just take this quiz and wonder no longer how dog-breed smart you are!

Created by: Kristen
  1. Where did the Basenji come from?
  2. How many varieties of Dachshund are there, including both sizes and coat types?
  3. In what decade was the Australian Shepherd granted registration into the AKC?
  4. How many times have Beagles won the Wesminster Dog Show Best in Show prize?
  5. What is a common problem with Dalmatians because of their extreme white coats?
  6. What is a common problem in the German Shepherd Dog breed?
  7. What AKC group is the Irish Setter in?
  8. Which two breeds come from the same AKC group?
  9. What breed comes from Canada and (as of the end of 2008) is America's most popular dog?
  10. What two colors can the Flat-Coated Retriever come in?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my dog breeds?