PJ's Quiz about his Life

How Many People really know the true pjeezy? well we will find out with this extensive 10 question quiz! Who is PJeezy there are many skeptics who think they know who pjeezy really is but only a select few of his friends that have myspace really know... are you one of those people?

Do you have the brainpower and to qualify as one of pj's friends? probably not but lets just take the quiz anyway...see how far off you are on some of the subjects pj hand picked himself to quiz you on....

Created by: PJ of PJEEZY MYSPACE
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  1. Who are my best friends?
  2. Who Is My Son?
  3. If I was going to drink my favorite beer is?
  4. MY Favorite Football teams are?
  5. PJ's Favorite Movie Is?
  6. Pj's Favorite Baseball teams are?
  7. PJ was Born in?
  8. PJ Loves....
  9. PJ's Girlfriends Name is
  10. PJ hates

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