The Other Side: Morning III

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Welcome to "The Other Side", my second series and the little cousin of "Don't leave me hanging", my first series. If you haven't already, you might want to read the previous parts of this series, so that you can understand the story. I'm sorry that this series was delayed, though I do have it pre-typed! Hopefully I can post more often (and finally get to Blake's POV). This part will be in Vixla's point-of-view.

Recap: With Blake's help, Vixla got a new change of clothes and was being led to the kitchen by him for breakfast when he was called for an errand. In a split second that they shared eye contact for the first time that day, both realizing that they are going through the same type of heartache and regrets for another. Uncomfortable, Blake left, and Vixla had tp face the emotions that loomed before her as she remembered the first time she met Jack.

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  1. I force myself to stand upright. There's no use in standing here and waiting for someone to help me. No one will because they can't. No matter what anyone says, in the end, it's up to me to choose how to deal with things. A blessing and a curse.
  2. At least there's no tears this time, so I won't look like the total emotional wreck I am inside if anyone sees me. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to slip inside the kitchen, grab some food, and leave this place unnoticed. I'm not sure how long I'll be able to hold this together.
  3. As I step into the kitchen, I can smell the pungent odor of garlic and the scent of browning meat. At shiny stainless steel range is the tall figure of Russel. Great. The one guy here who knows I broke down last night. Is it too late to turn around and pretend I never entered?
  4. Russel shifts his attention from the stove to me. "Vi, good morning!" he greets me with a wide grin, "How's your head?" "Messed up," I tell him truthfully enough as I shuffle over to peek at the food he's cooking. In the sink is a colander of draining spaghetti, and on the stovetop is a bubbling pasta sauce with ground beef that he's slowly turning, releases the promising aroma of food that makes my stomach gurgle.
  5. "Well that's nothing new. You've always been messed up," he comments off-handedly, and I smack his arm, "That wasn't very nice!" "I'm not a nice person," he replies back, shrugging his shoulders and going back to stirring his pasta sauce. "Well, you owe me some of that food now," I grumble, but he shows no sign that he heard me. Instead, he shuts off the stove and reaches over me to grab the spaghetti which he proceeds to toss into the sauce. Dumping the entire mess onto the plate, he walks to the round booth-like eating area farther back in the kitchen, and I follow behind him, sliding in right next to him and propping my head up on my hands to watch him eat.
  6. He studiously eats his food, seemingly oblivious to my staring. The door squeaks, and I look up. A tall guy fills the doorway for a moment before strolling in with a measured step. He, unlike everyone else I've seen this morning, looks awake and put together, wearing uncreased dark khaki pants and a striped t-shirt that clings to his obvious muscles. Even his tousled brown hair, rather than windswept, looks purposeful. I let out a sigh. How does he do it? It's Owen, another centaur guard like Oliver.
  7. "Something wrong, Vi? Hungry, maybe?" Russel takes a break in slurping his spaghetti to tease me. I turn my back to him to address Owen, "Morning, Owen. Was it a long night for you?" "Hi, Vi. No, it wasn't really," he replies politely, opening the fridge to take out a plate of leftovers from last night's banquet. I watch as he peels back the cling wrap, opens the microwave door, places the plate in the microwave, firmly shuts the door again, presses the buttons. I try to absorb into his actions and the low humming sound of the machine, but it's all no use.
  8. A flash of blue, the arc of a golden wing. I keep seeing images at the corner of my eye. Everytime, I want to turn around and check, but I know it's just an empty hope. Jack would never be here, and there's no way I'd be able to tell him what I've needed to all these years. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Like it'd matter now anyway. What is wrong with me? Obviously, an idle mind. Between these two stoic guys, there's not much of a chance to get my mind off things. Still, I need to try. I can't have last night haunting me like this.
  9. "What's new with you guys?" I ask, hoping to start a conversation. It fails. Owen seems not to have heard me, and all Russel does is shrug as he's continuing to eat. Oh-kay then. I sink down and rest my head atop my arms on the table. I could be sleeping again right now except for the memories taking turns stabbing at my mind.
  10. The swinging door thuds as it hits the wall, propelled by the reckless force of the two people entering. I perk up. Perhaps whoever it is will bring something I can distract myself with? It seems to be a couple entwined with each other, busy kissing... or perhaps it's a little more. One is short, with long wavy red hair, and in a short, skin-hugging pink dress. I think it's safe to say that it's Petra, one of my teammates, which would mean that the tall person with the slightly spiked dark hair would probably be whoever her newest boytoy is.
  11. Owen studiously keeps his head down, bringing his food to the table and sliding in to sit next to me. However, on my other side, Russel clears his throat rather loudly, causing the couple to break apart, panting, and look up at our group at the table. Upon seeing us, the guy's green-speckled gray eyes widen in surprise, and he blushes furiously before suddenly disappearing into thin air. Beside him, Petra looks unapologetic and turns to snatch at the air, murmuring something.
  12. The air around her hand wavers, and the guy reappears, the sleeve of his black shirt caught in Petra's grasp. Reluctantly, he follows as she tows him towards us. "Hey, Petra, who's your unlucky prey this time?" Russel teases her. I take the chance to covertly slide his plate of food over to me and begin to eat it up, taking comfort in the warm feeling in my stomach.
  13. "His name is Dan, and don't call him my prey," Petra corrects Russel as she and her boy slide in next to Oliver. We all have to scooch over, and, in the move, Russel notices his missing food and slides it out from under me, leaving me in mid-bite. I snap up the rest of the spaghetti hanging out of my mouth and wipe away the extra sauce with a napkin. "Thank you, Russel," I say in what I mean to be a sweet and endearing tone of voice.
  14. He's not convinced. "My food," he theateristically wails, pouting like a 2-year-old. "You had more than enough to share for an entire army. Besides, sharing is caring," I justify myself. "But what if I don't care," he says, lifting an eyebrow. "Well you do now," I beam at him, and he shakes his head. I stick out my tongue at him. "Oh, you wanna go there, Vi?" he challenges me.
  15. "Whatchu talkin' 'bout? I been here," I return with attitude. His acted demeanor breaks, and he starts laughing, "Vi, that doesn't suit you at all." I turn my head, "Whatever, you know I won." He scoffs, "Woman, you know I won; go make me a sammich." "Like you need any more food, and I'm not about to be your slave," I make a face at him. He sticks out his tongue, mimicking me, and rolls his eyes as he goes back to eating.
  16. Well there ends that distraction. I look around the table at the others who are all sitting there stiffly, detached from one another, even Petra and Dan. "The rest of you can talk, you know," I venture, and Petra looks up from her phone. "Oh, texting," she explains.
  17. I really want to roll my eyes because I already know who she's texting. It's always Blake. I just hope I'm wrong this time because she has Dan here. Sure, his dark green hair is a little unusual, but his eyes seem kind, if a little timid. Meanwhile, Blake looks like he's perfectly enjoying being a bachelor. Though... that look in his eyes this morning...
  18. "So, Dan, tell me about yourself," I break the temporary silence to keep my mind from straying back to what had happened with Blake. "Um... I don't know what to say," he admits, adding a nervous laugh to the end. "You don't have to look at me like that. I'm not going to attack you or anything," I smile at him; he's kind of cute the way he's nervous like this. "I'm just... quiet I guess," he answers, attempting a half-smile, which is, I'll admit, unexpectedly adorable. I find myself smiling back unconciously.
  19. Mentally, I slap myself. This was how I got into problems. "Oh, I see. Owen's the same. I guess that standing for 6 hours a day outside a door doesn't exactly encourage conversation," I chatter. The corner of Owen's mouth lifts in a small half-smile, "No, not really..."
  20. Another small silence follows, and I quickly fill in the space, "So the dig on last night? What's all the juicy gossip, Petra? I know you have you to know." Petra finishes typing up a text before putting her phone down and looking up, "Oh, yes you know me. Hm, well I got into a fight with that new b****, Emilia, and Logan would NOT let me finish it." "Emilia... ss that that sorta red-headed girl who Blake brought into the elites?" I inquire. "Yes, that b**** who thinks all the guys are up for her taking," Petra grumbles. "Well that's not news that you two can't stand competing against each other," Russel laughs. Petra shoots Russel a glare before looking down to read another text, "Whatever, GUYS like you just don't understand."
  21. "Rumor has it that Savanna and Derek hooked up again last night, even though Savanna was Blake's date. Betcha he wasn't pleased. Maybe now she'll be dropped from the list," Petra says with relish. And there she goes again. I shake my head because I know what Petra's thinking, that she'll have less competition. What was it about Blake that made him so desirable? All I can see is trouble. The same goes for Savanna. She might be my half-sister, but it doesn't surprise me that she'd go for Blake and end up with another guy by the end of the night.
  22. "Yep, well, that's enough girly gossip for me," Russel says, standing up with his empty plate. "Do you have more manly gossip that you'd like to share then Russel?" I ask. "I don't gossip. But, you should prepare yourself. The meeting this evening is bound to be very long because the werewolves failed," he warns. "Wait, failed what?" I inquire. It feels like he's talking in code, and I'm either too dense to understand it or missing some essential key.
  23. "They failed," he emphasizes, "The wolves failed to gather them. Vi, you do know, don't you? About midnight?" I feel like an idiot as I stare blankly at him, and, thankfully, Owen informs me, "There was a break-in last night, and they got away with IT." I see Owen's eyebrows raise up intentionally at it, and I finally guess at what they're saying. IT must be referring to the Spirit Necklace.
  24. I can't believe it. We literally just obtained that piece of the Spirit Necklace a week ago, finally making progress toward our goal, and now we've managed to lose it because it wasn't protected enough? If word got out to the rest of team, I can only imagine the rumors that'd fly... and it wouldn't take long before some genius decided that they can do a better job, and if that happened, our team would explode into chaos... I'd have to kiss good-bye my secure position. No wonder Owen and Russel are trying to keep the information from Petra. She's the biggest gossip around.
  25. She's back on her phone anyway, so I doubt she heard. The whole situation seems off to me, though, how did Logan's 20-some werewolf force manage to let someone get away with our most valuable possession? What person would have the resources and knowledge to accomplish that? It'd either be an inside job or... my breath catches as I realize. It's so obvious. Stupid. I'm so stupid! How did I not reason it out before?
  26. It could only have been... Jack.
  27. ~ Again, sorry for the wait! I have these typed up,I can never get around to posting them. Before I ask the question, I have one announcement to get out: our fellow GTQer, mcqueen is holding a very special release party here for the release of the 13th part of her series, "this week's hottest quizzes" in which she takes, rates, and recommends story quizzes, giving new series a chance for publicity. EVERYONE is welcome, so please spread the word. More details will be in the comments. Now, which guy do you sympathize with?

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