The new amazing elemental love story

Hey I found out that not many people like my other quiz so I went to this one so sorry if I disappointed anyone but I won't continue a quiz no one likes sorry

So the guys Matt has brown spiky hair, really buff and could take down a sumowrestler in one swift move, Sam is tall, black hair a little pale, and really shy, Nate has blond surfer hair, he is tall, and is really smart.

Created by: doterofApollo

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  1. Ok so I decided that not enough people like my last quiz series so I started this one got it?
  2. *guy point of view* I was walking through the halls of the huge palace then I heard my name over the intercom to go to the thrown room when I got there, my mentor was talking to the king when I showed up, they stopped talking. "Hey what is going on?" there has been a girl born of the elements all of the elements
  3. To when you are already sixteen* "hey mom when are we going to move?" "Hun I already told you that you aren't coming you have been just too weird lately
  4. Suddenly she disappeared and she was just gone you looked everywhere for her but you couldn't find her when you look in the mirror, you see a more beautiful version of yourself you look more beautiful than any other girl in the world
  5. Then you actually look at yourself and you still look just as beautiful then red smoke showed up in front of you and then u saws guy standing in it he had brown spiky hair and looked like he could take a bear in a fight and still win "sorry but you need to come with me" then he grabbed your wrist and the smoke inveloped you and when it stopped, you were in the thrown room of a palace. You saw a man sitting on the center thrown you figured that it was the king of these people." who at you and why am I here?" "your questions will be answered shortly, just stay with Matt, and you will be okay"
  6. Then the Matt dude brought you to a room set up just the way you ever wanted "I want you to meet your other protectors one of them is shy an the other is really smart guys come on!" suddenly two more guys walked in one had black hair and eyes that looked like they changed to purple when he saw me you realized you still looked like the most beautiful girl on the face of the earth "you got that one right" blonde guy said. Was it just you or did he just read your mind? "ya water gives me that little power.
  7. What do you mean that water gives you that power?" "my element is water matt's is fire and sam's is air and earth. That is why his eyes change they change with his mood. If his eyes turn red near you then run away from him and hide. It means that he is mad and when he is mad he doesnt stop being mad until something is dead by his hand. He is shy thow oh I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Nate
  8. Let's finish this to random questions all questions count. What is your favorite colors?
  9. Which is your favorite band out of these choices?
  10. So who do you love? And please comment and rate so I can get better.

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