Which Elemental Queen Are You?

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Take This Quiz to see what elemental energies you possess. What Elemental Queen identifies to your energies and personality type? Answer 13 short questions and find out here.

Share and Compare your answers and results with friends to see what they got. Earth, Air, Fire and Water as well as several other elemental energies have been added to this quiz to provide more accurate quiz results.

Created by: ElementalGoddess
  1. When angered by somebody, do you
  2. Other peoples oppinions of you are
  3. You learn
  4. As a Lover, you are
  5. Animal Lover?
  6. My fashion style is
  7. Your relationship with your ex bf/gf husband/wife is
  8. My biggest struggle lies within my
  9. Of the following, which is your favorite color?
  10. Of the following, my favorite animal is
  11. If you could have a super-power, it would be

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Quiz topic: Which Elemental Queen am I?