What is your Elemental Power?

Thank your for choosing my quiz, as you help me out so much by simply clicking on the name. This quiz will tell you your true elemental power. Tell me in the comments of a new quiz idea!

Have Fun! Cherish your Power! Or change it by playing again! But know, what ever you get, you should be proud of it. Whenever you get something strong and fierce, are shy and kind, you will love your power. It is a part of you. Good Luck, and please answer truthfully.

Created by: Moonfalcon
  1. RP: Your best friend falls and breaks her leg. The closest hospital is 250 miles away. An intruder is casting you. You:
  2. Choose: Best Friend, Spouse, Child, or Parent
  3. Which do you choose to investigate?
  4. Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn?
  5. Heads or Tails?
  6. Favorite Holiday?
  7. Queen or Pawn?
  8. Hot or Cold?
  9. Height?
  10. You see three rooms. You are forced to enter one. Which do you enter?
  11. Dawn or Dusk?
  12. Cat or Dog
  13. Your answers will be calculated when you hit go

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Quiz topic: What is my Elemental Power?