Which Elemental Power Are You?

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Fire, earth, water, and air are all different. They're what make up the world, and they're completely different in their own ways. Fire is hot and dangerous, water is cool and nice, air is light and care-free, and earth is strong and solid.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have powers with one of these elements? If so, which one? Take this quiz to find out just which elemental power you would have!

Created by: Aislinn

  1. You're at school, and the teacher tells you to pull out your homework. You spent a lot of time on it, but now you can't find it! You-
  2. You and your best friend are walking together in the rain, and all of a sudden you trip over a rock and land face first in the mud. You-
  3. It's your birthday! You were sad because your family left to go somewhere without you, but when you peek out the window, you see your brother holding a cake! You're so happy and then all of a sudden he drops it! You-
  4. You stayed up all last night studying for a big science test, but when the teacher hands back your grade, you see a big, fat D! You-
  5. In gym, you are doing the exercise and running around the border of the room with everyone else. Then, just like that, a guy slams into you and you hit the ground. The guy apologizes and tries to help you up. You-
  6. It's Christmas Day, and after all the presents are unwrapped your parents unexpectedly bring in a huge box with your name on it. You're super excited! But then, when you open it, you find absolutely nothing. You-
  7. You come home from two hours of a long jog. Since you are extremely hot and tired, you search for the fan. But you can't find it. You-
  8. You're watching a movie, and all of a sudden the screen glitches and pauses. You-
  9. Your friend is drinking lemonade with you at the shop, and then she accidentally spills it on you. You-
  10. You're sitting with your dog outside eating ice cream and then your dog reaches hid head over and licks up all of it. You now have lost all your ice cream. You-

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Quiz topic: Which Elemental Power am I?