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Your someone like Jerk Store or crtl on Lougin' right? This quiz is really easy like most of the time, but oh well take this quiz anyways. You might not be someone like Lone Warrior, or Quierta, or Jerk Store, or any pros out there in Lougin', you may even have only 5 posts total, but just try this quiz for the sake of Lougin'.

If you get 100%, I will tell you something upcoming, otherwise I will mock you with glory. each question is 10%, and there are 10 measly questions that are easy, but oh freakin' well take this quiz because I made this for boredom.

Created by: DrakeSlayed of Neoseeker
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  1. As of August 3rd, 2009, How Many Lougin' Moderators Are There?
  2. How Many Lougin' Themes Are There For Lougin' (Including Deafult)?
  3. How Many Moderators In Neoseeker Have "The" in the Beginning?
  4. Who Is the Host Of the Lougin' Hurt 'n Heal '09?
  5. Which Term Did Quierta Said You're Allowed To Put In a Post Alone?
  6. How Many Locked Stickies Are in Lougin' As Of August 3rd, 2009?
  7. Who Can Start New Threads in Lougin'?
  8. What Gender Is Quierta?
  9. How Many Coins Are In the 2009 Header?
  10. What Sign-Off Darknet Uses When Closing a Thread?

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