Are you a jerk quiz (IIsuperwomanII quiz)

Watch IIsuperwomanII's "Are you a jerk" video now if you havent already done so she is the best youtuber out there i have to write non gibberish, this is hard

i turned that video in to a quiz(i removed some questions because it too long) Watch IIsuperwomanII's "Are you a jerk" video now! she is the best youtuber out there

Created by: A Bored PersonWithNoLife
  1. Have you ever peed in a body of water(pool, lake, or ocean)?
  2. Have you ever left the toilet paper in the bathroom empty?
  3. Have you ever cut a line saying "my moms up ahead" or "my friends up ahead" when their not?
  4. Have you ever not wanted to talk to someone, so pretended you didn't get their phone or text message?
  5. Have you ever took a picture of someone so you and your friends can make fun of them via snapchat?
  6. Have you ever yelled at a telemarketer?
  7. Have you ever burped and blew it towards someone else?
  8. Have you ever threw someone in a dark room and whispered bloody mary though the door?
  9. Have you ever put gum under table?
  10. Have you ever changed a person's facebook status if they leave their facebook logged on?
  11. Have you ever threw a plastic bottle in the garbage when you have three options: plastic bottles, paper, garbage?
  12. Have you ever left a small amount of milk in the milk carton?
  13. Have you ever purposely killed innocent people in video games (purposely drowning people in rollercoaster tycoon counts too)?
  14. Have you ever done something mean and blamed it on YOLO
  15. Have you ever broke a person's snowman when they were not looking?

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Quiz topic: Am I a jerk quiz (IIsuperwomanII quiz)