Ignore This ...

There are many rude people, but few true jerks. Jerks are, afterall, quite mean. What is a "jerk"? A jerk is somebody who is extrardinarily mean,is able to pick on kids, and torture me by taking this quiz. P.S. That might be you!

Are YOU a jerk? Do you have the meaness to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now that might just possibly be you. So, do not take this quiz, it is poisounous!No!

Created by: The best tomboy

  1. Hey! I told you no!
  2. ~ . . ___
  3. *í—*
  4. !+「%^?-」"»°&*"〒|"³/"#/'í—(♭\~í·)♪∞:=$...@←{¢â„¢~↑}£©_↓"¢\®âˆž
  5. This quiz is gonna be boring.
  6. There is 30 questions.
  7. Bye.
  8. Just jokin'
  9. Fill in the blank.
  10. Too many ____ are in my home!
  11. No, I'll only do 12 questions actually.
  12. bye'

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