Are You a Jerk?

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This is a quiz so you could find out if you are a jerk of not. Are you a jerk? Jerk-y stick So yeah, you guys should take this quiz if your bored, or your procrastinating.

I am giving credit to ||Superwoman|| for this quiz. All the questions are from her AWESOME Youtube video. So I just put them on a quiz. But yeah If you haven't heard of her then go check her out.

Created by: Genesis Ortiz
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  1. Have you ever peed in a pool/lake/ocean etc.
  2. Left an empty roll of toilet paper in the bathroom
  3. Have you ever cut in line at the amusement park pretending like your friends are up ahead
  4. Take a pic of someone to make fun of later
  5. Burpt then blew it in someone's face
  6. Lock someone in a room,turn off the lights and whispered "Bloody Mary" through the door
  7. Gone on a friend's FB and messed everything up
  8. Kill an innocent citizen during a video game
  9. Did something stupid because YOLO
  10. Ignored a sales person
  11. "I let you win"
  12. Someone asks you to take a photo of them and you just take a selfie

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Quiz topic: Am I a Jerk?