The Naruto I.Q. Quiz

Are you a true Naruto fan? Can you prove that you know all about this anime (manga too)? I don't believe you. Well then, take the quiz now and we'll see.

What is your Naruto I.Q.? How well of a score can you get on this quiz? This is a short and easy quiz. If you know Naruto, then you should get 100%.

Created by: Hinata

  1. What is Naruto's phrase in the USA?
  2. What does "dattebayo" mean?
  3. When is Naruto's birthday?
  4. What is the name of the ramen shop?
  5. Who is the creator of Naruto?
  6. Who were Kakashi's teammates as a child?
  7. What is Kiba's sister's name?
  8. What is Konoha's full name?
  9. From the Forest of Death, what are the sound ninja's names?
  10. What is Sai's real name?

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