The Love Story That is Yours Part 6

ok i hope u like it plz comment and rate fyi ****** means insert guy of your choice here i hope you like it i am supposed to be cleaning my room lol i dont want to p.s. i hope u like the bathroom pieiscool1

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Created by: PersonXD
  1. There were two doors in your room you figured that the one closer to the window would be the bathroom, but you were wrong instead it was a closet that would take you years to fill. You went into the other door. You walk into the bathroom it was a painted different shades of purple and had black molding, vanity, sink, faucet, and shower/bath. You love it and squeal so loud that David ran in to see if you were ok, but then nearly died laughing when he saw your face. He walked out shaking his head, when Daniel walked in to see your room. When he saw you froze staring in wonder at the bathroom he took your hand and pulled you out of the bathroom and sat you down on the bed.
  2. He looked at you a moment leaned close to before he smiled and got up to walk away, your eyes were even wider than before and he turned to look at you in the doorway before walking out laughing.
  3. Just then Liza the wife of the officer who you found out name was Hamlet, or to you and the boys Ham. To you they were your aunt and uncle. You laughed Aunt Liza and Uncle Ham. They were your new guardians after your parents and the boys' parents were in a car crash and died. "Are you ready for your make over?" asked Liza. "I guess you," say and take a deep gulp.
  4. Liza had been working on you for two hours, and you finally got to see the results. You looked in the mirror and you were tanner, had black, curled bob cut hair, it was wig assured Liza your eyebrows were groomed, and you had the brightest big blue eyes you had ever seen and your small nose was slightly bigger. You were amazed she was good, you didn't even recognize yourself.
  5. You gave Liza a big hug and walked out with Liza to show the boys. The boys' eyes widened when you walked into the living room where they were sitting watching NCIS.
  6. David looks you up and down and says "you're drop dead gorgeous, but you were pretty before." The boys pipe up in agreement. You smile your new superstar white smile. And the boys smile back at you they all had their teeth whitened to so they flashed brilliantly almost too bright to look at.
  7. It was eight o'clock by now and Joseph was asleep and Liza had just started making over David. She had already finished but no one liked it so she redid it. Then she had stopped to have dinner and David accidently messed it up, so she had to restart again. You were sitting on the couch and had asked the boys to watch a movie with you. What are you watching?
  8. You pop in whatever movie you chose and told Jake to go get popcorn. Jake grumbled complaining that you were lazy, but got popcorn. You sat on the floor and shivered Derrick had turned on the fan. "You cold?" asked Ben. You nodded and Ben tossed a blanket at you. You wrapped it around you. ****** shivered and looked around for another blanket.
  9. When you found none you said, "****** come here and sit with me." "No it's fine," said *******. "There are no other blankets." "___________, fine, but only because I'm cold." Said *******. The other boys looked at him like he was crazy. He slid down on to the floor and sat next to you. Who are you with?
  10. It's a small blanket and only covers you so you pat the stop next to you and he moves close to so close you can hear him breathe. You lay your head on his chest and he puts his arm around you. Before the movie is half over you are asleep. You're asleep for an hour when arms around you make stir there strong and muscular. "Jake show some support." Said Ben. "She lost her parents and is stuck with strangers lay off." This time it was Danid who said that. "I lost my parents when I was five I got over it, so can she." Said Jake hotly. "I doubt it." Said Daniel. "Did you?" asks Derrick, "it doesn't seem like you did is that why you love black?" that was all you heard because you were now moving into your room.
  11. You fell back into to a dreamless sleep.
  12. Thx for taking my quiz I hope you liked it plz rate and comment and plz tell me how to rate cuz idk how XD. Thx and plz plz plz leave and girl name and boy name for to use in the next few quizzes, I don't want to spoil it but the boy will not be a chose no matter how badly u want and I doubt u will want him to be a choice so lol and plz tell if you want to pretend you never heard what they were talking about or if you want me to make you confront him majority wins bye
  13. P.S. who do you love?

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