Red Blood vs Green Blood (part 3)

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Created by: ilovekittens

  1. Just like me. This book always reminds me of my life. I found out I had red blood, now I will never be able to act the same I was before. I can hear the bell ring from the distance, so I throw my book into my backpack and run out of the field. I stop running when I get near the school. "Lynette! Hey, Lynette!" I hear someone calling my name from far away. I turn around and see two people slowly running towards me. That's Alexis and Jess! They were my best friends since second grade. We both became friends when a bully was trying to punch me in the face. But then they came over and stopped him. Without them, I would probably be dead because the bully might found out I had red blood.
  2. "What up?" Alexis asks. Both Alexis and Jess wrap their arms around mine as I cover my hands with my sleeves. "Good." I say with a small smile on my face. "Girl, you changed so much since 3 years ago! What's goin' on?" Both Jess and Alexis had their eyes on me, I had to say something. "I haven't changed at all!" I hold their arms tighter and laugh as I let go of the sleeves. I was trying to act the same like I use to be. Alexis and Jess both do the same thing and we continue to walk to the school building. Jess grabs an unwrapped lollipop out of her purse and throws it into her mouth. She goes through her purse again and gets out two more lollipops. "Here you go!" She says as she hands out the lollipops to both of us. There was a paper wrapper around it this time, though it could've been better if there wasn't a wrapper around it. I don't want to use my hands. I hear Alexis unwrapping her lollipop and throwing into her mouth.
  3. I stick my lollipop into my pocket and continue to walk at the same time. "You don't want it?" Jess asks. "I'll eat it for later. I ate breakfast this morning." I reply. Jess nods in agreement and makes a sucking sound with her lollipop. I can feel something stinging my arm, like, something pointy is going into my skin. I look at my arm and notice that Jess's nails are long and sharp on the top. Her nails are digging into my arm like a shovel digging into a hole. "I gotta go! I need to get to class!" I let go of their arms and run to the school building to get away from them. I turn around and see them looking at me with an angry expression.
  4. "She hasn't change at all." I heard them say as I slowly ran. I try to run slower so I wouldn't get caught by the securities. Red Vampires run very fast, even faster than Green Vampires." I get to the school building and suddenly stop running. I remembered that I put my schedule into my pocket, so I grab on my sleeves and dig into both of my jean pockets. The pockets are hard to put my hands in with the sleeves on, but I was to scared. But there wasn't a different way to get them out, besides poking it out with a toothpick, if I had one. I continue to try to get it in but it's too small. I let go of the sleeves and try again. As soon as I got the paper out of my pockets I grab onto my sleeves and unfold the paper.
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