The life between magic & boys Pt. 24

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So here is part 24 guise! The picture on the left is a image of Whitsunday Island. So I described the house as best as I could, but If you want a better image theres this here:

Descriptions of the Guys: Alex: Blonde hair & Blue eyes. Josh: Black hair & Green eyes. Max: Light Brown hair & Light Blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair & Blue eyes. Tyler: Bark brown hair & Hazel-Gold eyes. Jake: Golden-Blonde hair & Clear, crystal Blue eyes. Patch: Black hair, & Dark Brown eyes.

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-cap: You packed up your belongings while in a depressed phase. You said goodbye to Jake, but found out he was staying nearby in Cory's house. Thank god. You found a ring, with engraved letter and a diamond, strange but it was beautiful. You left the ship with out saying goodbye to Patch, which broke your heart.
  2. The ship slowly stopped. The giant whites doors flung open and sunshine brightened the room. Families, and couples were pouring in, one by one. You grabbed you stuff and walked towards the exit. It was ripping at your heart slowly, knowing you won't see this ship again, or experience it all ever again. and especially not even getting to say goodbye to Patch. It was going to scar you forever. "C'mon." Calisto said and walked out of the doors, followed by the guys. You walked up to the doors and stopped. You turned around one last time, saying your goodbye before walking out for forever. You faced forward and walked down the ramp, taking your very first step in Australia. Where was Tyler? You wanted to say bye, Cedric said they were walking you into town. It was sunny out and your were on a beach right in front of a small town, it looked like a sailor's market. You remembered the promise you and Tyler had made. You made him promise that wherever you guys were, you'd stay in touch. The memory of that day was clear, and you missed it. "I'm not breaking that promise." You turned around and saw Tyler. "Tyler!" You hugged him and held back tears of joy. "My dad agreed to let me stay with you guys. He really likes you." Tyler said hugging you back. You pulled away and stared into his eyes. They always fascinated you. They were hazel, but they looked gold on the outer sides. They were beautiful, and definitely one of a kind. "I'm so glad you can stay. I was going to miss the mornings where you would wake me up and make me laugh harder then ever." You let out a laugh and sniffed back your tears. Only Tyler could do that. Alex was one thing, he was a flirty sort of funny. But Tyler was a natural he said sweet things, and made you feel how every teenage girl should feel. You gave him another hug, feeling a lot better.
  3. You were still hugging Tyler when you heard someone laughing. Tyler pulled away and you looked over. Cedric was smirking at the both of you and chuckled to himself. "Oh.." You blushed. "Dad.." Tyler shot him a look. He winked at him and walked down the ramp to the beach. "We should go catch up to the guys." Tyler said and you both walked down the ramp, following Cedric. The ramp ended and your feet sank into soft sand. There was a path you took, it was made of dirt and led away from the small town. "Where are we going?" "We're taking a plane to the other side of the island angel." Alex smirked. "A plane?" You questioned. "Yup, its actually a helicopter but same difference." Josh shrugged. All you walked still along the shoreline and saw a helicopter sitting in the open area. You saw it as soon as you walked off the ship, but didn't really think it was for you guys. "I'd like you all to meet my good friend of mine. Lads this is Xavier." Cedric introduced you to an older man, maybe in his mid thirties. The man was was tan and had dirty blonde hair. He was wearing sunglasses so you couldn't really make any eye contact with him. "Hello." He smiled and held out his hand to each one of you as you all introduced yourself. He stopped in front of you, and took off his sunglasses. He revealed a familiar pair of green eyes. He looked familiar, but it was the first time you had meet the guy. "Hello lovely." He stuck out his had, and studied you for a few more second before finally shaking hand, and moving on the the next person.
  4. After you were all introduced Cedric and Xavier talked for a few minutes. You studied the helicopter. It looked small, and you were thinking of how the heck all of your guy's bags were going to fit. This wasn't some cartoon where you would all fit in like a clown car. Cedric walked back over. "It was a pleasure meeting you all, and especially my very own nephew Calisto." He smiled but his eyes looked weak and sad. Calisto walked over to him and gave him a hug. Aww, you couldn't help but feel a little sad for Calisto and Tyler, well especially Tyler who has never left his father. They both let go and then Cedric walked over to Tyler and laid a hand on his shoulder. "You be good, son. Take good care of yourself, and ____." He let out another smile, but this time his eyes were watering. Tyler gave a half heart smile and hugged his dad. "Make your mother proud." Cedric whispered. Tyler nodded and pulled away.
  5. "Alright, let's get started." Xavier said cracking his fingers as if he were a magician. You all grabbed your suitcases but they started shaking. "What is wrong with my bag." Calisto asked. "I think it's possessed." Alex said. Max kicked his suitcase and you gasped and dropped your suitcase. Then one by one they shrank. "What the hell?" Josh asked. Each and everyone of your suitcases was now the size of a wallet. "Forgot to mention I also have power." Xavier said in his accent. You all looked at the suitcases. "Well? What are you waiting for grab'em." He snickered. You all awkwardly bent down and grabbed the small suitcases. "Throw'em in the back." Xavier pointed to the metal door that was open. One by one each of you put your things in the back as told. Tyler was still talking to his dad so Josh grabbed his things and put them in the back for him. "Alright let's head in." Xavier said stepping into the pilot's seat, strapping himself in. The helicopter blades started whirling around faster then the speed of light, and it sent your hair blowing everywhere. You stepped in and sat in a seat. It was kind of like a car but minus the seatbelts, it had straps instead. It reminded you of the straps you'd have yo put on when riding a roller coaster. Tyler walked on and sat in the seat behind you, where Josh and Calisto sat. They were all talking about how excited they were to be in the helicopter, while you had butterflies torturing your stomach, making you feel sick. You all waved at Cedric who was standing outside the door, and he mouthed a 'goodbye'. He walked back about 20 feet and stood there as the Helicopter began to rise. It feel like you were on a ride at an amusement park. You had that feeling you get when your dropping down a million miles per hour. You looked out the window and saw the Ocean overlooking to the ends of earth. It sent a shiver down your spine, how high in the air you were. You looked out the other window and saw the island you came on. There were a few small mountains that were covered with lush, gorgeous green tree's. It was a beautiful scenario. "Are you all okay?" Xavier said through a microphone. You nodded and the guys did as well. The higher you rose in the air, the crazier the butterflies in your stomach went. The helicopter steadied in the air and being moving forward. The butterflies died down after a few minutes of getting use to it. It wasn't as bad as you thought it would be. It was about 4:30 now. You rested your head against the window and stared out at the ocean. It made you feel like you were in a movie. There was only one thing on your mind. and that was Patch.
  6. You laid your head on Max's shoulder who was on your right. He looked at you and showed his cute smile. Your heart was being ripped at, and you had never experienced this feeling before. Not until Patch came along. It seemed to go by so fast. One minute your meeting Patch the annoying, arrogant flirt. and then next thing you know your leaving the bad boy with the sweet side, that you warmed up to and never even got to say goodbye to. Did he even know you left? What if he came looking for you, and you were gone. He wouldn't know where you went or what happened to you. Your heart hurt at the thought. and you felt like crying. You saved yourself the trouble of feeling even more hurt by closing your eyes and envisioning the adventures Australia would give you. Swimming in the ocean, fires on the beach, your new room. After picturing a million thoughts you slowly drifted off into a sleep.
  7. ** "____" Someone called your name. You felt a firm hand shaking your shoulder. "hmmppphh?" You opened your eyes and saw Josh standing in front of you. "We're here." He smirked and you looked out the window. Your eyes widened at the sight. "Oh.. my.. god." You untangled yourself from your seat and stood up, crouching so your wouldn't bump your head on the helicopter's ceiling. Josh jumped onto the ground. "Need a hand?" He reached out his arm to you. "Yes sir." You smiled and he helped you down. Your feet hit the soft dirt. The view was amazing, sort of breathtaking. You were definitely on the beach. You could tell just by inhaling the scent that was in the air. Besides that you could see the ocean just nearby. It was surrounded by white sand that seemed to be glowing in the sun. The water was so clear you could see everything in it. The fish, the plants, the sand. It was beautiful. Off in the distance maybe a couple of miles away, you saw the treeline of the forest. One thought came to your head- Jake. That must be where Cory lives. "C'mon you've got to see the house." Josh called and you spun around to follow the path to the house. The path was in a small woods leading up to the house, it was a narrow dirt path. The house came into view and your jaw dropped. It was a Ala Moana House. Well by the size, you could call it a mansion. It was made of Oak and the windows were huge and made of glass, that were facing the ocean. "Oh my god!" You screamed and ran up to the door. You walked in a it was beautiful. You were stunned by how classy and amazing it looked. The Living room was made of 3 soft white couches that faced a glass fireplace with a huge widescreen TV right above it. The house was made of hard wood floors, and you followed a hallway that led to the Kitchen. It was huge. There was granite marble top and the fridge was a double door, the biggest one you've seen yet. "My room!" You remembered and ran out back into the living room.
  8. You follow a staircase made of soft white rug. You stopped. It was curving up but the wall to your left was made of glass. It was a giant window overlooking the treeline. It was gorgeous. You continued up the steps. You reached the top and stopped. There was another Living room. It was made up of a darker oak, but still had the white couch and huge TV. The fireplace was made of brick stone. There was a porch outside but you continued searching around trying to find your way to the rooms. There was a hallway that you haven't been done so you follow it. It led to the outdoor pool that was on the third floor. "Holy crap." It was huge and there was a water fall that fell of the side of the house into the outdoor pool around thirty or forty feet down. "How the hell did they make this house?" It was a little to surreal. It was overlooking the sunset glistening against the oceans surface. You shook yourself back into reality and stayed on the third floor where you finally found all the rooms. It turned out that the first two floors were where all the good stuff was at. Like the two kitchens, four bathrooms, the indoor pool, the basketball courts, two game rooms, and were the movie theater were. The third floor was the bedrooms and outdoor pool and deck that lead to the roof. You happened to run into Alex told you all this stuff, and lead you to your room. "Here you go angel. We saved you the best room in the house." He smirked and opened the door for you. "WHAT. THE. HELL." You said this out of amazement, not horror. The room had to be the size of the living room and kitchen downstairs combined. The whole left side of your room was the giant window over looking the beach. Your bed was like double the size of a normal king bed. There was a glass fireplace in the center of your room, and a huge widescreen on the wall. You had your own laptop sitting on a desk off in the corner. There was a drawer on the side of your bed with a lap on it. There was a door on either side of your bed, too. You walked to the one on the left and opened the door. It was a huge walk in closet, with a whole make up mirror where your could sit at and a giant human sized mirror. There was another door. "This house is like a damn maze." You and Alex laughed. "whaattt?" You walked into the huge bathroom. It was made of white tiles, and was absolutely gorgeous. The shower was in the corner and the mirror was in front of a granite marble counter that had one sink and the rest was covered with everything a girl could ever want or ask for. The thing that caught your eye was the bathtub the size of a small pool. There was a window that overlooked the ocean and the north part of the beach. You didn't notice the small flat screen on the wall behind you until you turned around. "Oh my god. This place is so amazing I think I want to cry." You said and Alex laughed. "Don't cry angel. Just be happy." He smiled. You were terrified that you were going to wake up and this was all going to be a dream. But it was to real to be a dream. You walked out the other door, and it led back into your room. "I'm telling you. I'm going to end up getting lost in this place." Alex said and it made you laugh.
  9. You both walked back down into the living room. "Here you go lads." Xavier walked into the house with a bunch of mini suitcases. "Hold on a minute." He hovered his right hand over the suitcases and in a heartbeat that returned to normal size. You were still amazed by it. The whole floor was covered with bags, overflowing on top of bags. "It was nice meeting you." Xavier nodded his head and you all thanked him as he left. You dove into the pile of bags and searched for your own. "Here you go." Calisto handed you one of your suitcases. "Thanks." After 20 minutes of working your butt of carrying your ten pound suitcases up the endless stairs you sat down on the couch in your room. "Ahhh." You stretched out and slowed your breathing. You stared out the window admiring the gorgeous view. You stood again because you just couldn't wait any longer, you WERE going to go to the beach. You spent weeks on sea, but not on a beach. Not like this one either.
  10. You walked down the stairs and into the living room. The guys were sitting on the soft white couches, already into there very first game of COD in their new home. Of course they were amazed by the flat screen that was huge and couldn't wait to shoot guns on it. You rolled your eyes and walked up to them. "Hey guys, I'm going to go explore this place some more, if you need me just call me." You flashed them your brand new phone. "Alright just don't go past the black cliffs way off on the other side." Josh paused the game and looked at you. "There cliffs here but they don't look like the death cliffs. You can tell which one I'm taking about but just don't go past there because that's were the barrier ends." He explained and you nodded. "Chill guys, I'm just going to the beach." You say and walk off out the door.
  11. You followed the dirt road down the small woods. You heard birds chirping and you looked up at the sky. It was so surreal it looked as if a artist painted it. The sky was a mix of blue and a faded pink-purple that was surrounding the orange sun that was descending. After 5 minutes of walking you finally reached the beautiful beach. Your feet sank into the soft white sand. You walked towards the clear water. It was so clear, it amazed you. You saw colorful fish swimming around a small reef. It was barely two feet into the ocean. The reef was so bright and colorful. You kicked off your shoes and let the feel of the soft sand against your feet overwhelm you. You hadn't felt sand this soft since you were a child and went to visit Cabo with your family. The feel of it made you smile. Luckily you were wearing shorts, so you slowly walked into the water. The cool embrace of the water sent a rush through you. You stopped when the water was up to your knees. The reef was surrounding you, fish swimming in every direction. The faint shine of the sun revealed the small shells at the bottom. You touched the reef. It was a bumpy and sharp. It felt weird, but it was cool. You stepped over to a huge boulder that was big enough for two people. You sat on it and stared at the view, allowing thoughts to overflow your mind. It was getting dark now and the sun was nearly gone, showing only the faintest sliver over the ocean. You looked around. "Whats that?" You saw a faint glow of fire on the beach. It was probably the guys starting a fire.
  12. You jumped off the rock and walked towards the fire. You walked slowly because its kind of hard to run in sand, always mushing around. It was kind of weird because the fire was away from the house. Maybe the guy's walked past you or something. You continued to walk and the fire came into better view. "Hmm.." You saw a figure sitting on a log around the fire. You couldn't really make out who it was because the fire was covering the view of the person, and he/she was looking down. You walked closer, so you could make out who the person was. "Oh my god." Your heart dropped and you choked back on your own tears. Patch was sitting on the log, ten feet away from you.

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