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  • @TheRecklessBam- I LOVE YOU, like a sister of course. I swear this was freaking amazing. Extremely detailed and magical. Something freaks me out about the new guy. But then again on the bright side, PATCH IS HERE. I was soo happy, I cried tears of joy. You are soo realistic..I just admire your writing skills so if you ever try to stop, imma give you all the reasons why NOT to stop. I think you're the most amazing writer i've ever seen and i hope you know that. No one can write like you. It's a very unique style of writinggg..Plus, i have sumting to tell you that might actually make you giggle (:

  • PATCH! :D but I feel like there's going to be a hitch to it, isn't there? :/ I love your descriptions; that house sounds like 2 mansions put together XD and why is there such a big bed, are those guys trying to make sure they have space to jump in... XD kidding ;)

  • You are an amazing writer. Absolutely amazing.

    PATCH. I love Patch! :3 SO glad it was him at the end!

    I also realllly like Alex. But I like the other guys, too. Aahhh D:

    Can't wait for Part 25!

  • Patch! Really? I thought it was jake. Amazing part! Love the house ocean. . . . My room. . . And flying. Cant wait for the next one. I'm Team Tyler!

  • As much as I thank Patch for covering for me all kf the time, I wish he wouldn't. I don't like arragont guys,but something still sttracts me to him. Gah, why does it have to be so hard to choose?

  • PATCH!!!! :D *hugs* I was worried there for a second! Yay! Now I have Patch, Josh, and Alex again! :D btw, the house sounds AMAZINGGGG!!!!!! :D

  • It's PATCH! I felt for sure it was going to be some phsyco killer! I can't wait for the next one!

  • How do you make such a good series? Can't wait to see what part 25 will be like! :D

    elf maiden
  • ??????? O.O why is he doing here??? *sighs* you know what i am sick of this Patch thing I WANNA JAKE!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  • PATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes i missed him sooo much (you: o.O) loved it


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