the life between magic & boys pt. 12

Hey guise! (: Welcome to part 12! Thanks for taking my series BTW (X If you like it please comment, rate, and share with your friends! I'd appreciate it a lot (:

Okay so just in case some of you forgot what the guys look like here are the descriptions. Alex: blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh: black hair and green eyes. Max: light brown hair and light blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler: dark brown hair and hazel-gold eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam
  1. Re-Cap: You and Tyler are on a walk together, he's leaning in and about to kiss you, and right as your lips are about to meet, his phone rings. Its his dad and he says something to Tyler, and the both of you go back to your room to get the guys.
  2. "Guys, Tyler needs you." You yell running into the room. They all stand up and walk into the hallway. "Whats wrong?" Josh asks. "We've got company.." Tyler says a little out of breath. "What kind of company?" Calisto asks. "Jake is nearby.." Tyler says. "What?!" You see Josh's eyes turn gold, and Alex's turn red. "Where is he?" Josh asks, and you see him clenching his teeth. "Come on, my dad knows. We have to go to him." Tyler says and walks off. You all follow him.
  3. You finally reach the Captain's room. "Boys, and ____ over here." You see Cedric motion you over to him. "Where the hell is that punk?" Josh asks as his eyes are bursting with gold. "He has the nerve to come near her? I'm going to rip his head off." You see Alex pacing back and forth, his eyes are exploding with fire. "Do you see that?" He points out the window, towards to ocean. "Yeah.. Its the ocean.." Alex says. "No, look into this." He hands a large telescope to Josh. He grabs the object and looks into it. "What is that?" He asks, still staring into the telescope. "Its one of Jake's ships."
  4. "He knows were here?" Calisto asks. "No, they have not sensed her or you here. I just called you here to let you know that he's near. So be careful, and do not go on the decks. Stay inside, its safer." Cedric looks at Max and Alex, which are the trouble makers out of the group. "That's fine with us." Josh says, and Cedric turned to him. "Ah, I see your one of the very few with gold eyes." He stares at Josh in amusement. "_____ Has them too." Alex points out. "_____ told me you know why we have them." Josh stares back at him with no expression, but his eyes are still gold.
  5. "Well, Gold eyes symbolize the gods. There eyes turn gold when they get protective over something.. or someone." He looks over at you and you just awkwardly look down at the floor. "So.. Whats that suppose to me?" Josh raises one eyebrow. "It means you are part god. They rarely give this gift to regular Immortals like you." Cedric walks around Josh, as if studying him. "Im a.. god?" Josh stays quiet for awhile. "So what about ______? She's not Immortal through her parents like Josh." Max asks. "_____ has received the gold eyes in the rarest way, I'm not even sure if its happened before." He walks over and starts studying you. "Uh-erm." You shift around. "So Im a god...-dess?" You ask. "Apparently so." Cedric looks into your eyes. You hesitate not know wether to stare back or look away, but before you can do anything he walks back to the guys.
  6. "Josh." Cedric calls him and snaps him out of his trance. "Oh Uh- yeah?" Josh looks up at him. "Do you have wings?" He stares at him. "um, yeah." Josh blankly stares back. "May I see them?" Cedric asks. "Wings? What wings?" You ask staring at Josh. "Yeah- sure.." Josh takes of his shirt, and you just stare at him, confused. "˜Josh has wings?' You ask yourself. The next thing you know, you see huge white wings appear behind Josh. The tips and edges of the wings are a slight gold. They looked beautiful, and you've never seen anything like that before, literally.
  7. "You have wings?" You ask Josh. "Yeah.. but I don't use "˜em much.." He replies to you. You just stared at him. He really did look like a god. The way he flipped his black shiny hair. His gorgeous once gold, but now emerald green eyes. His nice tan arms and abs, and the way the fluffy pure white wings glowed just made his a million more time attractive. "Hmm. You're a full god. Which one of your parents is the god?" Cedric asks Josh, raising his eyebrow. "What? None.. My mom is a normal Immortal." Josh replies normally. "and your father? You only get wings from having a parent as a god." Cedric tells him. "I-I don't know my dad..." Josh looks down at the ground. You walk over and grab his hand. He looks over and smiles at you as he gives your hand a squeeze.
  8. "Your father must be the god then." Cedric tells him. "He's a god? That's no excuse to leave his son." Josh looks blatantly at him. "He had to. Gods cannot always stay in a place, especially will normal Immortals. They are always battling or protecting something. Its there duty." Cedric says trying to make Josh feel better. "Yeah, I guess." He says with no emotion. "Go on its getting late. Be ready to train tomorrow morning. Come back and meet me here at 9." He says. "9?! Thats to early!" Alex says. "Yeah he needs his beauty sleep." Max says and Calisto laugh. "Ha- very funny." Alex says back. "Just be ready." Cedric says and then dismisses you.
  9. Josh puts his shirt back on, and you guys walk back to the room. You all walk silently, and its a bit awkward. You try to say something but decide not to since we all received some strange news. "˜Am I really a god? Well goddess.. but how? why me?' You think to yourself. You all finally reach your room. Just as your about to walk in some one grabs your arm.
  10. "What the he-" You turn around. "Can I talk to you?" "Oh Tyler, I thought you were someone else." You sigh in relief. "Yeah sure." You shut the door after the guys go into the room. You and Tyler are now in the hallway by yourselves. "So we sort of got interrupted last time," You blush a little. "your an amazing girl you know?" He smiles at you. "Thank you, your an amazing guy." You smile back at him and go in for a hug but are stopped by his lips pressing onto yours. You begin to kiss him back, and he puts his hands on your hips. His lips were like vanilla, and you didn't want to stop, but had to in order to catch your breath. You pull away. "I'd better let you go, we have a big day tomorrow." He hugs you tightly. He smells so good, you never want to let him go. "See you tomorrow, beautiful." He holds you tightly one more time and then walks away.
  11. You turn around and walk into the room. "Damn Josh, your a god." Max says. "Yeah I know, I just don't really know what to do about it." He replies. "There really nothing to do for now, just embrace it." You smile at him. "Oh hey ____, the goddess." Max jokes. "Funny" You stick your tongue out at him. "So now I can say did it hurt when you feel from heaven, and literally mean it." Alex winks at you. "Shut up." You laugh and sit on the couch.
  12. "Well you guys, it's getting late so I'm going to go to sleep now." You say and start walking away but then turn around. "Oh and Alex, make you you get your beauty sleep." You say, and everyone but Alex bursts out laughing. "ahahaha Alex, she just told you." Alex just gives you an amused look, and smirks as you. "Alright, alright. Good one." He says and lets out a laugh. You just playfully give him a wink and walk away.
  13. You walk into your bedroom slowly and tired. You walk to one of your suitcases and look for some clothes to wear to bed. You finally find the suitcase. What do you pick?:
  14. You change into your PJ's and slip under the soft covers. You grab your i-pod and put it on shuffle and listen to it. After awhile you finally drift into a deep sleep. *DREAM* Your in a large room, its gorgeous and decorated with antiques and large paintings. You hear a voice but can't tell where its coming from. You decide not to move a muscle. "I can still see you." You hear a voice laugh, its soft and cute. Its a guys voice.
  15. "Who are you? Where am I? Where are you?" You ask the voice. "Someone is a bit curious." You hear the voice coming from behind you. You turn around. "What do you wa- oh.." You see an unfamiliar face, but this guy is just.. gorgeous. Hes wearing dark torn jeans, and a tight V neck that shows his collar bone, and just barely outlines his abs. He has a silver chain that dances around his neck and falls above his collar bone. He has perfect goldish- blonde hair, and it looks so soft. His skin is so clear that it seems as if is makes him glow. The shirt shows off his muscles and they're just right size. His eyes the brightest, clearest blue you have ever seen. There so gorgeous you couldn't compare them to the sky above, or the ocean below. His lips perfectly shaped, outline his glowing with teeth, showing a smile that makes your heart melt.
  16. "uh-uhm-wh-." You seem at loss for words. He lets out an adorable, charming laugh. "Hey ____." He smiles at you, and you feel weak to your knees. "He-hi.." You look down at blush. "Wait.. How do you know my name?" You ask him. "I've had my eye on you for awhile. Most guys do but I can't blame them. Your gorgeous." He beautiful blue eyes stare right into your soul. You look down and blush again. "Who are you?" You look up at him again. He shows his gorgeous to die for smile. "My name is Jake."
  17. That's the end of part 12, I Hope you guys are liking my series so far. Please comment, rate, and share with all your friends! Thanks (:

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