The life between magic & boys Pt. 6

This is part 7 of me trying to make a quiz lol I hope you guys are starting to like them, and Comment some ideas about what you want to happen ether on the cruise or in Australia! please and thanks (:

Soooooooo your on a cruise with the guys! :D what do you want to happen? Comment if you want something to happen ether on the cruise or in Australia, please and thanks (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam
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  1. Re-cap: You have one hell of a day w/ the Incubus encounter. You learn about josh's past, and the all the the guys powers. Your tired as sh-t so you want to go to sleep. You fall asleep and start dreaming.
  2. You start dreaming. Your in a prairie, its super pretty. You start hearing what sounds like wings whooshing, like something flying. You turn around but your blinded by the sun. You put you hand in front of your face to block the sun. "Oh my god.. NO!" You scream, you see the Incubus flying towards you, and there are 2 blackhearts on the prairie running towards you. You turn around and start running for your life, but you end up running into a cornfield... You run for what seems like miles, and end up in a center with 5 or 6 people your age pinned on a post like scare crows. There all in a circle, with you in the center. You cry in horror, you feel bad for them. *snap,snap,snap* You turn around and see corn flying everywhere (because there running into the corn)What do you want to do?
  3. What ever you wish you could do, fails. You ran right into a blackheart, and fall to the ground. It goes to grab you but you kick it in its groin, get up and try to run. You hear it scream a horrible screech. While your running you feel a sharp pain on your left shoulder blade. "Aghh!" You fall to your knees in pain. You feel like someone tore off your arm. "What the-" You turn around and theres a blackheart standing right above you.
  4. You stare at it, theres something different about this blackheart thought... It has purple eyes, instead or red. You stand there staring at it, while it sniffs the air. It looks down at you. "___, you must run quickly before the other blackheart catches you!" It says to you. "Wha-what? Why are you helping me? Your a blackheart.." You say trying to ignore the pain. "Blackhearts are slaves of the Incubus, we were once human too. I am-" *slash* You see a giant talon rip through his stomach. Blood splatters on your face, and you scream. "It didnt have to end this way." The other blackheart kissed. "No! GO AWAY!" You scream. You open your eyes and see the guys standing in front of you.
  5. "____!" You see Josh go up to you. "Max go get some water!" Calisto says. "I'll be right back." He walks out the door. "Hey. Are you okay?" Josh asks "I dont kno- auhhh." You reach over to your shoulder blade. "woahh.. what happened?!" Alex walks up to you. "The dream..." you whisper and pass out.
  6. You wake up from a gust of wind in your face, but wind is still flowing past you when you wake up. You see blurs passing by. "What the-" "Oh hey ___" You see Josh, and then try to look around w/ squinty eyes because the wind is pounding against your face. "Oh.." You realize your in Josh's arms and hes using his super speed and is running to someplace. "Sorry. I hope I didnt wake you up." He says. "No its ok." You laugh "Where are we going?" you ask "On an adventure" He smiles at you "Right now? You guys sure know how to pick timing." You laugh. Then Josh stops and your body jerks. "Were here" He puts you down. You guys are in a small forest but its on the edge of a small town near the ocean. "Why are we here?" You ask. "Well I cant just walk into the town carrying a girl at supper speed, that isn't exactly normal" He jokes and laughs. "The again your not really normal." You stick your tongue out at him. "Ouch" He laughs. "C'mon lets go, the guys should be here by now."
  7. You walk into the town, but no one really seems to notice you guys. The town is small, and old fashioned. The houses had redish/brownish bricks and hay roofs. "Weird.." You say. You continue to follow Josh, he leads you to the beach, the ocean looks amazing, the sun is sitting right above the ocean, making it shine like a million stars. You see a huge ship sitting at the dock. You walk up on the dock and see some guys in hawaiian shirts and sunglasses standing there w/ about 20 suitcases. "Dorks!" You go running up to them. "Hey thats not very nice, we got one for you too." Max pulls out a pink floral shirt. "Ill pass" You laugh at them. "They made me wear it.." Alex says "Dont worry it brings out your eyes." You smile at him. He smiles back "Nice try, im wearing sunglasses dweeb." He laughs. You stick your tongue out at him. Right now you feel SO much better, being away from the house, the jungle, and just hanging out like semi-normal people. "Lets go girl, the ship is loading now." Josh jokes, "Wait were going on the ship?" You ask "Were going on a cruise babyyy!" Alex yells, running up the ships loading ramp past people who are just staring at him. You guys all laugh. "Sweet!" You smile
  8. You guys grab all your stuff and start walking up the ramp. Once your on the ship your realize it looks exactly like the Titanic (don't worry its not going to sink). "Where in the Master suite, its huge!" Calisto tells you "Really? Sweet! How big is it?" You ask walking through a HUGE dining hall. "It has 3 master bedrooms, a living room and 2 bathrooms." He grins "Oh my gosh! How in the h-ll did WE get THAT? It cost like a million dollars for ONE regular room!" You remark "Max comes in handy sometimes" Calisto laughs. "What do you me- ohhhh.. Max you sly, sly dog." You laugh. "How are we going to sleep?" You ask "Josh and I are sharing one room, Alex and Max are sharing the 2nd one, and you get one to yourself." He smiles at you "Really? Sweeeet!" You jump up and down. What are you thinking?
  9. You guys walk into your room, and it. is. HUGE. "Oh my god.. Thank you MAX!" You jump/hug Max "Your welcome, I thought we all deserved a break." He smiles and hugs you back. The room is bigger then your own living room, which is huge because you live in a mansion. You guys go to your rooms and put your stuff away, Your happy the guys packed all your clothes, makeup etc. When your done you all meet in the living room. "This place is amazing." You say and lay on the couch. "Yes it is" Josh and Calisto sit on the couch across from you. "Max, we have a pimped out bathroom." Alex says as he sits on the third ouch that looks like a throne. You guys laugh a what he says. "So how long are we going to be here for?" You ask "Well if you want to go to Australia the-" "WERE GOING TO AUSTRALIA?! OMG! OMG! OMG! IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO THERE!" You stand up and scream. "and I thought I was to excited." Alex jokes "Shut up.." You stick your tongue out at him. "Yeah, that's where our adventure is, I didn't want to tell you and ruin the surprise." Josh says "Thanks" You smile at him. What are you thinking?
  10. "Oh my goshhh! Im so excited for this!" You laugh jumping in your seat. "Dont worry we need to stay far away from the house as possible, so we can stay there as long as you want." Calisto smiles at you. "Why do we have to stay far awhile from the house?" You ask "Well Jake somehow got into the barrier that protects us, and we not taking any chances that are going to put you in danger." Josh says, starting to get sort of mad "Well hey lets not think about the house, what do you guys want to do int Australia?!" You laugh, and the guys cant help but laugh too. "I want to visit the worlds largest aquarium, and ride dolphins" Calisto smirks. "I want to go sky diving, and go chill w/ some koalas and kangaroo's" Josh laughs. "I want to go jet skiing, and visit the great barrier reef." Max says. "I want to go scuba diving, and cliffff divvingggg!" Alex screams running around the room, you cant help but laugh. What do you want to do?
  11. Thats the end of part 6 (: Did you guys like it? Comment, and comment on what parts you want to do like sky diving, scuba diving, etc. and rateeeeeeee! (:

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