The life between magic & boys Pt. 9

Hey guise! I'm SOOO sorry it took me foreeeveer to make this part, I've been busy with school, but its here now (: so pleaaasseee comment, rate, and share with your friends? I'd really appreciate it (:

Okay so just in case some of you forgot what the guys look like here are the descriptions. Alex: blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh: black hair and green eyes. Max: light brown hair and light blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler: dark brown hari and hazel-gold eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-cap: You and the guys spent the beginning of the day at the water park and after awhile you went back to your suite to go get ready for your date with Tyler. Then you left and went to go meet up with him.
  2. You walk down a couple of hallways and then finally turn a corner that leads you to the Grand Staircase, you see Tyler sitting on the stairs. You walk up to him "Hey" You smile. He stands up, and smiles back. "Wow, you look really pretty." He says staring at you with his gold eyes. "Thanks" you blush. "So what are we going to do?" You ask, "Well I wanted to give you a personal tour of the ship." He tells you. "Awesome, I've never been on a cruise, this is my first one, and its pretty amazing." You tell him. "Well I'm glad I can be your very first tour guide." He smiles at you. You notice he has a really cute smile, you like it a lot. "lets get started." He offers you his arm. "Why thank you." You smile at him. "Your welcome, beautiful." His smile makes your heart melt.
  3. "So wheres the first stop?" You ask him while you walk down a long hallway. "Well since its sort of late, I want to take you to eat in the great dining hall." He says. "But only-" Tyler finishes your sentence "-upper class get to eat there," He smiles at you, "if your going to be on a cruise, I'm going to make it the best." You walk up a large wooden staircase.
  4. He leads you into a large, well decorated room filled with carved wooden tables set with fancy white clothes and silverware. Every one in the room is dressed in the nicest clothes you've ever seen. "Uh.. I feel a bit under dressed.." You nervously laugh. "Hey, it's okay. Your the prettiest girl in here anyway." He smiles and stares at you with his golden eyes. He makes you feel a lot better. "Thank you." You smile back up him. "Hey there's our table." He leads you to a table smaller then the rest. Its decorated with candles and flowers and its in front of a large glass window, that over looks the ship gliding across the sea.
  5. As you go to the table, he pulls out the chair for you. You look at him and smile. "thank you." You sit down and he goes and sits across from you. "so whats it like traveling the world?" You ask him. "Its amazing.. it really is, but I sometimes just wish I could stay in one place, because its hard for me to meet people and then leave them..." You can't help but feel bad because you know your eventually going to leave, too. "Listen, let's make this the best day YOU will ever had." You smile at him, he looks up and you see his gold eyes gleam as he smiles a big smile. You can't help but think its cute. "What would you like to eat?" You see a waitress walk up to your table. "Uh.." You haven't even look at the menu yet. "You pick, surprise me." You smile at him. "Can I have two Lobsters?" He laughs as he's ordering. "Ohh, lobster, never tried it. I've always wanted to, though." You laugh, and the waitress leaves.
  6. "So let's get to know each other." He says. "Okay, what do you want to know?" You guys begin talking, you tell him all about yourself, what your hobbies are, what you like and hate, your favorites things, etc. After awhile the food arrives. While your eating Tyler begins telling you about himself. You found out he his favorite color is blue, he play basketball and loves watching baseball and football, he loves food, his mom died after giving birth to him (sad face), his favorite animal is a panther, he would go skydiving if he could, he has pet a shark before, hes really funny and down to earth, he's a Leo, likes to exercise, hates mean people, and LOVES chocolate.
  7. After you guys are done eating you get up and leave. "Where to, next captain?" You laugh. "Lets go to the deck, its almost 7, they play really interesting music." He grabs your hand and leads the way. After what seems like walking through a maze you arrive to a deck, but one who haven't seen before. Its decorated with palm tree's, and Tiki shacks. There are people dressed from many different cultures, there are so many different colors, it amazes you. You hear music, but you don't understand it. "This.. Is.. Amazing.." You say looking around. "Yeah they play ALL kinds of music, from English to Spanish to Russian." He laughs. "I like the beat though." You laugh, half dancing like a dork. "Good, cuz were dancing!" He laughs and before you can say anything, he pulls you onto the dance floor with a group of energetic people dancing and jumping. You feel there energy rubbing off on you. "I can't dance!" You laugh, having to yell by his ear, because the music is so loud, and people are cheering. "You don't have to! Half these people don't know what there doing!" He laughs twirling you around. "Whats this song called?" You move closer to him, trying to be able to hear his response. "Danza Kuduro, By Don Omar." He laughs beginning to dance. "I don't know what that means, but I like it!" You start dancing too, before you know it, you both are dancing and jumping with life, along with the rest of the crowd. You see almost every race possible coming into one, it amazes you how all these cultures are coming together with music.
  8. As you guys continue to dance, the music changes. Except its way slower. "Wow, they really do play different music. Its kind of moody." You stick your tongue out, and he laughs. You look around and see people slow dancing. "Oh.." You blush. "Can I have this dance?" He sticks his hand out, and smiles. "Yes, you may." You smile. His arms slowly go down to around your waist, you step a little closer and put your arms around his shoulder. You both slowly move, following the beat.
  9. "I like this." He smiles at you, you stare back seeing the lights reflect off his gold eyes. "Me too." You smile back, and after what seems hours of staring into each others eyes he leans in, and slowly presses his lips against yours. He hugs you tightly. You feel all tingly inside, his arms around you make you feel protected. You both pull away, you look around and see everyone staring at you. "Aww..." You hear a women say and everyone is smiling at you two. "uhmm.." You and Tyler laugh, and you see him blush a little. "Well, congrats to Tyler's lucky girl" You hear the DJ say as he laughs, and with that everyone claps. "hahaha let's go." He grabs your hand and leads you into the ship again.
  10. He stops you in a hallway. "Hey, ____. I'm sorry.. you know, about this kiss.. I should-" You cut him off. "You have nothing to apologize for." You smile at him, and you see his face brighten as he smiles back. "Awesome, I want to show you something." He leads you to the very tip of the ship. Your guess is you guys aren't suppose to be up there but at the moment you don't really care. Your close to the edge of the ship, you can look ever the sides. You see Tyler lay down. "What are you doing?" You ask him. "Staring at the sky." He replies looking up. You walk over by him and lay down. Your so close to him, that you can feel his body heat. You look up and see the moon, its huge and shining against the dark endless ocean. You see a sky full of stars. "Its beautiful." You say. "Your beautiful.." He looks over at you. You can see from the corner of your eye, you turn and look at him. "Your an amazing person Tyler, thank you." You say. "No ____, thank you." He says
  11. "For what?" You ask. "For being amazing, and for making this the best day since.. well ever. I was never into meeting girls before because I knew I would never see them again, but then I saw you.. I couldn't breath because I was so stunned and I didn't know what to do but.. I just HAD to get to know you.. Even if it meant never seeing you again." He says still staring into the endless sky. You had to words to explain how you felt. You were shocked at how much he liked you, but you liked it.
  12. You get up and stand up in front of him. "What are you doing?" He asks. "Stand up." You tell him, and he does as you say. "Yeah?" He questions. You stick out your pinky. "You have to promise me that we'll still talk years, and years after this day. No matter what part of the world your in. You will write, e-mail or text me." You smile at him. You smiles back at you, and wraps his pinky around yours. "Thank you." He wraps his arms around you, picks you up off your feet and spins you around. You laugh as you land on your feet.
  13. He stops and puts you back on your feet. Your arms are still around each other, and your staring in each others eyes, It's like your in a trance with his gold eyes. "I have something to tell you.." He says. "What is it?" You ask. "Well its easier to show you, then to explain it." He says and backs away. You stare at him in confusion. You feel a gust of wind rush past your face, and with that you see Tyler on the top of the captains room. Then he disappears. "What the.." You look around. Next thing you know his arms are around your waist again. "You- your.. what?" You ask him. "I have powers.. I'm like those guys you came with." He tells you. "So you can teleport?" You ask him. "Yeah.. and I have super speed, invisibility, and can read minds." He finishes. "Does this change anything?" He asked with a worried expression, but before you can answer someone cuts in. "What the hell.. Is going on here?" You hear a voice say. You both pull away quickly.
  14. Hey guissseee, thats the end of part 9. Sorry it took me so long to do it, but the guys will for sure be in the next one, and you'll find out some things (; but anywaysss comment, rate, and share with your friends? thanks for taking the quiz (:

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