The life between magic & boys Pt. 10

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Okay so just in case some of you forgot what the guys look like here are the descriptions. Alex: blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh: black hair and green eyes. Max: light brown hair and light blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler: dark brown hari and hazel-gold eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-Cap: You just found out Tyler is like one of the guys. He has powers and everything. You were going to say something but you were interrupted.
  2. "What the hell.. Is going on here?" You hear a voice say. You both pull away quickly. You face the direction you heard the voice come from. "Alex?" You question. "Why are you here, with HIM?" He sasys walking towards Tyler, but you stand in his way and hold him back. "STOP ALEX." You yell. "What the hell?" He says looking down at you and backs away. "What?" You ask giving him a weird look. "You eyes.. they turned gold.. like Josh's.." He says. "What?" you go look over the ship and see your reflection in the ocean. Your eyes are the brightest gold ever. There not like Tyler's, his are brown kind of gold. Yours a like the sun kind of gold. "How..?" You ask turning towards the Alex and Tyler, who got quiet.
  3. "I dont know.. we still haven't found out why Josh's are like that.." Alex's face expression is worried and confused. "I know why..." Tyler says, who you almost forgot was there. "What, no.. Trust me, you wouldn't know anything about us or her." Alex says. "Uhh.. yeah.. about that.. Tyler is one of you guys." You try and slowly explain to Alex with out trying to hear him freak out. He looks like he just saw a ghost. "H-how is that possible... I- I thought we were the only ones.." Alex says staring at the ground in confusion. "Nope, I've been around for quite awhile.. I thought I was the only immortal until I saw you guys in the dining hall." Tyler explains. "How do you know about her eyes?" Alex asks him. "Listen, it's not safe to talk about this here, I'll meet you guys tomorrow to explain." Tyler says and walks away.
  4. You and Alex walk back to the room. He's talking to himself super fast, but you don't really pay any attention to what he's saying because your still a little surprised that you have gold eyes, like Josh and you have absolutely no idea if it's a good or bad thing.
  5. "______! Where have you been?" Max says standing up from the couch, where Josh and Calisto are sitting. "With Tyler." Alex replies for you. "What?" Josh gets up a little angry. "What does that creep want?" Calisto walks to you. "Nothing, We have to tell you something..." You say, and point to the couch. The guys sit down across from you and Alex. "First of all _____ Has gold eyes, like you Josh." Alex looks at Josh, who is shocked. "and Tyler is like you guys.." You say "WHAT?!" Calisto stands up. "I thought we were the only ones?" Max says a little confused. "Yeah, well were wrong, and he knows about the gold eyes." Alex says. "Well? What did he say?" Josh asked eagerly. "He said he'd meet up with us tomorrow to tell us all." Alex said. "All we can do is wait..." You said. "yeah well I've had a long day, so I'm going to sleep." you say getting up. "Uhmm.. I don't think so.." you hear Max say. "Not with out this." Alex says. Your turn around to see what hes talking about but instead, get smacked across the face with a pillow. You fall off the couch. "OW!" You say laughing "Let me see that!" You wrestle with Alex for the pillow and end up winning. You jump on top of him and shove the pillow on his face. The guys are laughing, and Alex is just mumbling under the pillow. *whack* you get hit with a pillow. and fall of Alex "Hey! What the-" *smack* you get hit again. "Stop!" You say laughing, because all of the guys are beating you with pillows. "ok! ok! I give up!" You laugh trying to block their hits. "Okay guys, I think she's had enough." Alex laughs. "Wow, you guys are nice." You laugh as Josh helps you up.
  6. "So is that what girl sleepover's are like?" Josh asks, and the guys laugh. "Yeah, and it looks like I just had a pillow fight with a bunch of girls." You stick your tongue out. As you walk away the guys throw the pillows at you. "Hey!" Max laughs. You walk into your room. *sigh* "Today has been a long day.." You walk into the bathroom and take a shower. When your done you change into your Pj's. You jump on your bed and lay on your back, staring at the ceiling. You decide to listen to your i-pod for awhile. Eventually you fall asleep. *Your dream* Your in a large Victorian mansion.. It looks old, and creepy.. "Hello?" You walk around seeing who is around. "We need to make a plan, she has to be MINE." You hear a voice say. "Yess, yes master you surely will have her eventually." You hear another voice. You hear foot steps walking your way. You walking around a corner, then boom. You feel a leathery hand cover your mouth. You try to fight back but the person is to strong.
  7. "shh, I won't hurt you." You hear a familiar voice. You squirm a little, and finally the person let's you go, "Who are you?" You turn around. "Oh my god.. I thought you.. you died..." Your can't move because you are terrified and shocked. You see the blackheart with purple eyes.. hes was in your first dream, but he got killed. "I didn't exactly die.. I can't." He explains. "Why am I having these dreams?" You ask him. "because I'm bringing you in here, I need to talk to you." He says. "About what?" You ask. "I am Calisto's father." He tells you. "Oh my god.. your okay! Your not missing!" Your overwhelmed by the news. "shhh, I'm fine. How is he? Calisto.." He asks with a worried expression, but the black skin scares you. "Hes doing much better, hes not as sad as he was before." You tell him. "and that is thanks to you..." The dark figure of his mouth smiled. You smile back at him.
  8. "____ you need to stay on that ship as long as possible." He tells you. "Why?" You ask. "Because its harder for Jake to find you on water, then it is on land. You are almost unable to be found." He explains to you. "So we can't go to Australia?" You ask. "Yes, but just not the first stop. I know the captain, tell him Aloric sent you." He says. "Okay.." You reply trying to take this as calm as you possibly can. "I must go.. remember stay on the ship, and tell the boys." he left around the corner and with that you woke up.
  9. "arghhuughh." you groaned and check your clock. "7:05?am" You get up and stretch. You decide to go to the kitchen. "What the heck?" You see the fridge wide open. You walk over to shut it, but hit something. "Oww.." You see Alex's head pop up with a sand which hanging out of his mouth. You laugh. "Why are you up so early?" You ask him. "Hungry, you?" "I couldn't sleep..." You remembered the dream.. "Hey, uhm, I need to talk to you, since your the only one up." You tell him as you sit down at the table. "Yeah?" He replies with a stuffed mouth and sits down across from you. "Uhm.. I had a dream.. actually two.. I didn't tell you guys about the first one because I didn't want to worry you guys." You say. "What were the dreams about?" He asks taking a bite of the sand which. "The incubus.. and a black heart.." You tell him slowly. "WHAT?!" He yells choking on his sand which "SHH! Your going to wake everybody up!" You whisper. "What happened in the dream?" He asks giving you all of his attention. "The incubus was trying to attack me, but there was black heart, he had purple eyes instead of red. and he helped me escape.. but he died.." You tell him "This makes no sense." He says looking at you. "I know, I thought the same thing until last night when he appeared again, but only the black heart. He's Calisto's dad." You tell him." WHATTTTT? but he's missing???" Alex is freaking out quietly "I know, hes actually a slave for the Incubus, he got turned into a black heart. but its what he was trying tot ell me. he-" you get cut off. " what did he tell you?!" Alex asks eagerly. "Well I'm trying to get to that.." You give him a look. "Sorry, keep going." "He said we have to stay on the ship as long as we can, and to tell Tyler's dad that Aloric sent us." You finish telling him.
  10. "We need to tell the guys. Plus we have no idea when Tyler is going to be coming." Alex says getting up. "Yeah go get them." You tell him. while you wait you decide to make some food. What do you make?
  11. "Hey,good morning." you say to the guys as they walk in. "Morning" "Hey" "I'm hungry" they all reply. "She has something to tell you." Alex says, "You might want to sit down.." You tell them, and so they sit at the table across from you. "What do you have to tell us?" Josh asks. You tell them the whole story, about what happened in the first and second dream. "MY DAD IS OKAY?!" Calisto immediately jumps up worried, and relieved. "Yes, he is, and he told me to tell you hes okay." You smile at him, and he smiles back a little teary eyed.
  12. "Wow.. this is all so much.." Max says. "Yeah, you have no idea.." You reply *knock,knock,knock* "That must be Tyler." Josh gets up and goes to open the door. "Hey, its time." Tyler says, "Hey ____" He says when he sees you. "Hey" You smiles at him. "You guys should get ready." Tyler says. You guys forgot you were all in your Pj's so you go to your room and change. What do you wear?
  13. You walk out, and see all the guys are done getting ready. There all staring at you, and its kind of awkward, "Uhm.. okay let's go." you say walking to the door. You guys follow Tyler, who leads you to a metal staircase that leads you to a big room, which is the captains room. You ll walk in.
  14. "Hello" You see a tan man with bright green eyes and dark hair, which you assumed was Tyler's dad. "Hi" You reply. "So is this the girl my son has been talking about?" He asks. "DAD." You hear Tyler say and he blushes. "You see the other guys, they all look a little angry and jealous. "Pleasure to meet you." You smile at him. "No, the pleasure is mine." He says and leans in by your ear. "I haven't seen my son this happy since his mother was alive, thank you." He whispers and moves back. "So what can I do for you?" He asks you guys. You cant help but smiles a little by what his father told you, "Oh uhm.. I was told to come see you.. I was sent by uhh Aloric." You tell him trying not to sound crazy, "ALORIC? Oh my.. I haven't seen that man in years." He says "Oh so you do know him?" You ask. "I don't just know him, He's my brother." He tells you.
  15. Thats the end of part 10, who are you liking so far? (:
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