The Life Between Magic & Boys Pt. 11

So this is part 11, and its probably the longest out of all of them :p there's more romantic situations in this one, but the next one is going to be full of action (X any ideas? Comment.

Okay so just in case some of you forgot what the guys look like here are the descriptions. Alex: blonde hair and blue eyes. Josh: black hair and green eyes. Max: light brown hair and light blue eyes. Calisto: Brown hair and blue eyes. Tyler: dark brown hair and hazel-gold eyes

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-Cap: You go meet up with Tyler and his dad, and you tell him about Aloric, who happens to be his brother, which makes Tyler and Calisto cousins.
  2. "Oh uhm.. I was told to come see you.. I was sent by uhh Aloric." You tell him trying not to sound crazy, "ALORIC? Oh my.. I haven't seen that man in years." He says "Oh so you do know him?" You ask. "I don't just know him, He's my brother." He tells you. "WHAT?!" Tyler and Calisto yell at the same time. "Oh my gosh.. This is like a Jerry Springer moment!" Alex says, and Josh elbows him to shut him up. "Your my uncle? Hes my cousin?" Calisto says taking the news a little to hard. "Dad, you knew there was another guy like me?" He asks him. "Yes I did son, and I haven't seen Aloric in the longest time, since I'm always traveling." He looks down in sadness. "He also told me to tell you and Calisto that hes okay, and don't worry about him he's fine. We also have to stay on the ship as long as possible? Which I still don't fully understand." You say to him.
  3. "Well what does he mean by we have to stay on the ship as long as possible?" Josh asked. Cedric sighed. "Its not a good meaning. It means Jake is near. He has black-hearts in every place possible. He has ships. There big, old, and look like there torn apart. There loaded with weapons and people just like us, except they work for Jake and are evil." He pauses briefly "He is willing to do anything to get to you." He stops and looks at you with a worried expressions. "Yeah, ha, No, I don't think so." Alex says in a serious tone. "That being said we need to prepare. The reason your on this ship is because when your on water it's harder to locate a certain person. Its kind of like water is a barrier, that doesn't allow magic to work properly." Cedric explains "Have you learned any of your powers ______?" He asks you. "Uhm, yes. I have invisibility, reading minds, and I ca control the elements a little." You tell him. He walks over to you and grabs your hands. "uh- uhm-" You stutter, feeling a little awkward. "Shh." He says closing his eyes, and looks like he is concentrating on something. He opens his eyes, and steps back. "Your powers are invisibility, teleportation, and one other power that I can't make out, which is strange." He says "What was that all about?" Max ask's Cedric. "Your not the only ones with powers. I can sense other's abilities and have super strength, like Calisto." He tells you guys. "Oh, but I can read minds and control the elements, too." You tell him. "I'm afraid not. See when a human becomes an Immortal, you receive certain powers but it's just testing you to see which powers you work better with. Its like testing you to see which powers connect better with your body." He explains. "Oh.." You reply.
  4. "Since we know 2 out of the 3 powers we must began training as soon as possible. We never know when Jake will appear. Come back tomorrow morning, I will have a plan set up." He tells you and walks away. Before you leave, you decide to do one more thing. "Hey Tyler, do you want to hang out with us later?" You see all the guys raise an eyebrow as if surprised, and you see Tyler's face light up. "Yeah, that'd be awesome. I have to do some things first, but I'll be there at 4." He says smiling. "Awesome." You smile back and leave out the door with the guys.
  5. "What was that about?" Josh asks out of the blue. "I felt bad for him. He never gets to hang out with friends, and especially ones that are like US." You reply. "True." Calisto replies. You reach your room, and Josh opens the doors for you guys. "So what should we do to kill the day?" Alex asks walking into the room. "I don't know about you guys, but me and Josh have something unfinished that we're going to do." Calisto says smirking. "We do?" Josh asks confused. "Yup." and with that you see Calisto tackle Josh. They tumble over the couch, and land in the middle of the floor. You laugh. "You just set yourself up."Josh says laughing, and with in a second he pins Calisto against the wall on the other side of the room. "Uh.." You say staring at them. "Super speed." Alex says. "Oh right, duh." You laugh, and continue to watch. "Let me remind you I'm stronger." Calisto says, getting out of Josh's grip and pins him against the wall, but a little to hard because they cracked the wall leaving the outline of Josh's body. "Way to go guys." You joke. "Sorry." "Oops." They let go of each other.
  6. "Well I feel like playing some COD, anyone wanna join?" Alex assk. "I do!" Josh says jumping over the couch, making you laugh. "Me too." Calisto says joining them on the couch. "Well I'm going to go explore this place some more." You tell the guys. "I'll go with, I don't want to stay stuck here with these losers." Max says messing up Alex, and Josh's hair. "Fine, have fun you slut." Alex replies to him laughing. You and Max then walk out the door.
  7. "So where are we going?" Max asks messing with his light brown hair. You honestly had no idea where you were going. "Hmm.." You think out loud, and stop walking. You wanted to have some fun, so you have an idea. Max stopped walking. Whats wrong _____?" Max asks looking at you with his bright, icy blue eyes. You don't say anything back, you just continue to stare at him, waiting in silence. Suddenly, Max slowly starts leaning in. Your lips are about to touch. You close your eyes and start concentrating. "What the-?" You hear Max's voice from a distance. You look and see he's all the way at the other side of the hallway. "Yes, It worked!" You say laughing. You teleported to the end of the hallway, not because you didn't want to kiss Max, but because you wanted to have fun.
  8. "Looks like you have to catch me if you want that kiss." You laugh, and wink at Max. "Oh, its on." He smiles right at you. He teleports right in front of you. "I don't think so." You stick your tongue out and teleport to another hall way, and wait to see if he shows. A few minutes pass and you get bored so you start walking to see where you are. You start to get thirsty so you go to a water fountain, and drink some water. You turn around and bump into someone. "Oh my go-" Your cut off. Someone presses there lips against yours. You pull away. "Who do you think you ar- oh.. Max.." You smile, look down and blush. "I'm not done yet." He lifts your chin up, and puts his arms around your waist, pulling you closer. "Your beautiful." He says looking into your eyes, with his clear icy blue eyes, and he starts slowly leaning in. Your lips finally meet, and you put your arms around his shoulders. His lips are smooth, and you feel warm in his arms. He holds you tightly before letting you go.
  9. "˜wow.. that was amazing' you think to yourself. "No, your amazing." Max says as he pulls away. "Hey, stop reading my mind." You laugh and push him, playing around. "Sorry, its a habit." He laughs, and you guys start walking back to the room. "So what was it like before you guys met me?" You ask out of curiosity. "Honestly, it was boring. We never really did anything other then stay at the house." He says. "Jeez, you guys were lame." You laugh opening the door.
  10. "IN YOUR FACE!" Alex yells at Josh and Calisto. "Dude.. The score is 45-7. I let you score to keep some of your dignity." Josh says, and Calisto laughs. You and Max laugh. "Hey guys." Calisto says. "Hey" You both reply. "Anybody want to go shoot some hoops?" Josh asks. "Yeah, I'll go." Max, and Calisto say, and follow Josh out the door.
  11. "Well, looks like its just you and me." Alex says and winks at you. "We have the whole house to ourselves." He stands up and goes to sit by you on the couch. "Calm down Alex." You say laughing at him, getting sort of nervous (in a good way). "What do you wanna do?" He asks. "Im not sure, we don't have much to do in here." You say. "I have an idea." Alex says smirking at you. "Yeah? and what is that?" You ask. "Sit on the floor." He tells you as he slides off to the middle of the floor. "Okay,so what are we doing?" You ask curiously.
  12. "Let's wrestle." He says laughing and lays you on your back, so he's on top of you. "Really? Thats what you want to do?" You laugh staring up at him. "Yup, I want to show you some of my moves." He winks at you. "Yeah, no, Im going to beat you." You stick your tongue out at him. "Well right now I'm the one on top." He winks at you. "What ever." You laugh and pinch his rib as a joke. "Ouch." He laughs. You lift your legs up and wrap them around him so you flip him over and pin his arms down to the ground. "What the- hey, your pretty good at this." He gives you a impressed look ."Yeah, I know." You laugh sitting on top off him. "Oh my god, a spider!" Alex says "OH MY GOD! WHERE?!" You freak out, letting go of his arms. "Haha, No where." He says and rolls over, and is once again on top, pinning your arms down.
  13. "Oh.. you suck!" You say laughing. "Not after this." He lifts you up on top of him. "Woah.." You say a little suprised. He puts his arms around your waist and stares at you with his oceanic blue eyes. You stare back, and he slowly stares leaning in. He finally reaches your lips, and clamps his lips against yours, kissing you. You lift your arms up and put them around his neck. He hugs you tightly and begins holding you closer. You feel warm, and protected in his arms. He slowly starts laying on his back, and you go along. You put your hands on his sides, and his are now on your lower back.
  14. Your hands go up his back. "˜What the-' you feel a rough, jagged line on his back and pull away. "Whats on your back?" You ask, still on top of him. "Oh, you mean this?" You move to sit on the floor next to him, and he takes of his shirt and turns at an angle to show you a giant scar on this back. You remember seeing it one night, but had forgotten about it. "What happened?" You ask, now sitting on the floor. "Its no big deal, Its from a fight, with Jake." He stops for a moment. "It was when we went looking for Katherine, and had gotten into a huge fight with him and a couple of black hearts." He tells you. "Oh, I'm sorry." You say. "No, its okay. It doesn't hurt anymore. Plus it makes me look kind of tough." He winks at you. "Of course." You laugh and roll your eyes.
  15. You hear the door open and look over to see the rest of the guys walk in. "Hey guys." You smile at them. "Hey ____." They reply. "How was basketball?" You ask. "Awesome, I won." Josh says grinning. "Yeah, but then again your like a god when it comes to sports." Max says. "I wouldn't say god, but I am pretty good." He laughs. "Hey I'm going to go change. I'll be right back." You say getting up and going to your room. You walk in and go to your closet. You felt like changing into something comfier.
  16. You find something and half way through changing someone knock's on your door. "Uhm- hold on!" You yell as you finish changing. You go open the door and see Josh standing there. "Hey." He grins. "I said I'd be there in a minute, I had to change." You laugh. "I know but the guys left to go to the arcade, and I'm not into that so I decided to stay." He says walking into your room and sitting on your bed. "That's cool, come in." You say and he laughs.
  17. "Sorry, I'm just bored." He says taking a magazine, and laying on his back. "Is THIS what girls read?" He asks flipping through the pages. "Yes, it's better then whatever you guys read." You laugh. "Yeah right, I'm mean look at this '10 ways to make yourself prettier'." He laughs. "Stop, give it back." You laugh leaning over him trying to grab the magazine. "No, let's see what else is in here." He laughs, and you start reaching further as he starts pulling the magazine out of our reach. "Can't reach it can you?" Josh says sticking out his tongue. "Yes I can." You protest and reach in farther. "aughh!" You lost your balance and fell on top of Josh. "Well isn't this nice." He winks at you. "Shut up." You laugh and roll off him, so now the both of you are laying on your backs.
  18. "You know, there's nothing in that magazine that could make you prettier, just because pretty isn't good enough to explain you. Your beautiful." He says and looks over at you. You lean up so your sitting on your butt now. "You think?" You pose and make an awkward face. Josh laughs and hugs you. "God, your amazing, funny, and beautiful." You hug him back. "Thanks" You blush a little. He pulls away, and stares at you. You stare back into his glimmering emerald green eyes that look like there shining. He leans in, and you do too, slowly. He presses his soft lips against yours. You reach up and put your arms around his neck, and he puts his hands around your lower back. Your stomach is fluttering with butterflies. You both pull away.
  19. "Hey, your a pretty good kisser." He says and winks at you, still hugging you. "I know." You wink at him laugh. "Hey now." He laughs standing up. "Is it hot in here? or is it just me?" He laughs and takes off his shirt. "Woah- let's not strip in my room." You laugh, still laying on your bed. "What? It actually is hot in here though." He throws his shirt next to you. You can't help but stare at his perfect, tan abs.
  20. "Hello?" You hear the guys come back. "Oh- better put my shirt back on." Josh reaches over to grab his shirt, put kisses you instead. You smiles, and pull away. "Put your shirt back on." You laugh and stand up.
  21. You walk into the living room and Josh follows you. "Hey guys." You say walking into the living room. "Whatsup?" Alex says sitting down. "How was the arcade?" Josh asks. "It was fun, I beat Max." Calisto says laughing. "Yeah, yeah whatever. How was being here?" Max asks. "It was fun." Josh says winking at you, but the others don't see. "Well, since there's no food here, I'm gunna go get some." Calisto sass. "I'll go too, I'm starving." You laugh. "Great, let's go." He opens the door or you and you guys walk out.
  22. You guys walk up to the dining hal so see what there is to eat. "Yum, hamburgers." You say rubbing your stomach, making Calisto laugh. "God, I haven't had a burger in a long time." He laughs. "There's a table over there." He walks over by a large glass window, that has a good view of the ocean. Calisto pulls out the chair for you. "Thank you." You say as you sit down, and he goes to sit across from you. "Hopefully they get those burgers to us fast, I'm starving." You laugh. "So how are you taking the news? You know, about Cedric and Tyler?" You ask a little worried. He looks down. "Honestly, I'm a little overwhelmed with all of this, but I'm mostly happy though, because I know my dad is okay, and I have family." He stops to look up and smiles at you. "but mostly because I'm happy I have you to make me feel better." He stares at you with his clear sky blue eyes. You smile back at him, he gives you butterflies. "Thank you, I'm glad I can make you feel better." You smile and grab his hand. He blushes a little. "Here is your food." You see a waiter come up with a big plate that's holding two smaller plates. "Thanks." Calisto says as the waiter is setting your food down.
  23. You guys talk for awhile and once your done eatting you get up and leave. "So we have some time, what do you wanna do?" Calisto ask. "Let's walk around for a bit." You reply. "Alright." You guys continue to walk. "Hey ____." "Yeah?" You reply. "Can I be honest with you?" He says stopping. "Of course." You stop and turn to him. "Well.. To be honest.." You sort of get nervous because you think he's going to say something bad. ".. I think your an amazing girl, and your the best thing that has ever happened to me." He says staring into your eyes. "Th-Thanks." You say blushing. "Your so beautiful." He pushes your hair back with his hand, and puts his other on your waist pulling you closer to him. He looks down at you with his glowing blue eyes, and starts slowly leaning in. His lips slowly touch yours, and you put your arms around his shoulders. Your lips perfectly clasp together. He squeezes you tightly before letting go. "We should get going." You say, and he smiles back. "Yeah." He grabs your hand and leads you back to the room.
  24. You open the door and see the guys laying everywhere. Calisto is on the couch, Josh is on the floor, and Alex.. is on the table. "Hey guys." You say laughing at them. " How was the food?" Alex asks. "It was so good." You say rubbing your stomach, and the guys laugh. "What did you guys do?" You ask. "We were just watching UFC." Josh replies. "Of course." You laugh and poke Alex, who falls off the table. "Ouch..." He says and the guys laugh. You look over the table and see him laying face down. "hahaha." You can't help but laugh. *knock,knock,knock* "Oh! It's Tyler! I'll get it!" You run to the door, and open it. "Hey Tyler." You smiles. "Hey ____, you wanna go for a walk?" He asks. "Uh- yeah sure, hold on." Your turn around. "Hey guys, I'll be right back. I'm going to go walk with Tyler." and before they respond you walk out the door.
  25. You guys walk down a hall "Where are we going?" You ask. "No where special, we're just walking around." He smiles at you. You guys continue walking for awhile, and then Tyler suddenly stops. "Hey ___." "Yeah?" You reply. "Can I tell you something?" He asks. "Sure, go for it." You say. "I really like you, your so beautiful." He says looking at you with his gleaming golden eyes. "Thank you." You smile at him. He slowly starts leaning in, and just before your lips touch, his phone goes off. "Oh crap, I'm sorry. I gotta take this, it's my dad." "It's okay." You smile at him.
  26. "What? Where?" Tyler's voice was panicking. "What's going on?" You ask. "I'll go get them and meet you as fast a possible." Tyler says and hangs up the phone. "We're in trouble. We need to go get the guys." He says, and with that you both start running back to the room. "Guys, Tyler needs you." You yell running into the room. They all stand up and run into the hallway. "Whats wrong?" Josh asks. "We've got company.." Tyler says a little out of breath. "What kind of company?" Calisto asks. "Jake is nearby.." Tyler says. "What?!" You see Josh's eyes turn gold, and Alex's turn red.
  27. We'll that's the end of part 11. Hope you guys liked it, Please comment, and rate!
  28. Who do you like so far?

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