The life between magic & boys Pt. 7

So this is part 8 (: and you guys are on a cruise going to Australia! (: Oh yeaaahh! (; Comment on what you'd like to do in Australia! Oh and there's a new characteeeeeer! (:

Your going to Australiaaaaa! Oh yeah, oh yeah! (; Comment your ideas, if you have any on what they can do on a cruise, or on what you'd like to do in Australia (: and feedback on the new character? (:

Created by: TheRecklessBam

  1. Re-cap: You ask the guys what they want to do when they get to Australia and they tell you, But what do you want to do?
  2. "I want to go cliff diving!" You imitate Alex and run around the room. "Hey!" Alex stops running, and the guys laugh. "Sorry." You sit back down and stick your tongue out at him. "Im bored what time is it?" You ask "Its 7:32 (pm)" Calisto says. "What should we do?" Max asks. "Lets watch a movie." Alex says standing up and walks to the flat screen. "Lets do this." Josh says. "They only have two movies, Troy, and The Last Song." Alex says. "Troy." All the guys say at the same time. "Heyyyy." You throw in because you didnt get a chance to choose. "I mean unless you guys want me to drool over hot, shirtless guys the whole time then sure, then lets watch the movie!" You laugh, and the guys all look at each other. "Fine, but only because we've seen troy a billion times." Josh says "Right." You laugh. "Wait, Let me go get some popcorn!" Max says walking into the kitchen. "Want to sit with me?" Josh asks you. "Sure." You say and you guys sit on the huge couch in the center of the room. The other guys sit on the couches to the side.
  3. "Okay, you can start the movie now." Max says walking into the room with a bowl of overflowing popcorn. Alex starts the movie, and you guys sit quietly and watch. About 15 minutes into the movie you start to get tired. You slowly start closing your eyes, until boom, your asleep. *15 minutes later* "aughh" You wake up and see Josh, you realize you feel asleep on his shoulder. "Oh.. Sorry about that." You laugh and sit up. "Its ok, your cute when you sleep." He says still staring at the TV, you can see the reflection of the movie in his eyes, which you see are really pretty, and shiny light green eyes. You blush, but he doesn't notice. You look over at the other guys and see Max sitting on the couch still eating popcorn, and Calisto who is next to him eating. You see Alex laying in an awkward position on the floor, you can tell he's bored. "Ill be right back." You tell Josh, you get up and step over Alex who tried to trip you but fails because you playfully kick him. You walk into your room, and look out the giant glass door, which leads to a deck over looking the ocean. You look up and notice a giant crystal chandelier in the center of your ceiling, its shines your whole room. You walk over to your suitcase and grab a pair of PJ's, what do you choose?
  4. You change and go back into the living. "Where did everybody go?" You ask Alex, who is still laying on the floor. "They got tired, so they went to sleep." He says. "Isn't it past your bed time?" You laugh and sit down on the leather couch. "No isn't it past yours?" He laughs and stands up. Except now hes shirtless and has his blue plaid boxers on, you cant help but notice his tan 6 pack abs, which make you feel more attracted to him. "Are you trying to strip for me?" You tease. "No" He sits down next to you, "not unless you want me to?" He winks at you. "Dream on." You laugh "I'm missing the movie, I love this part!" You curl up on the couch. "Why? There fighting...." He says. (your at the part where they fight about his ex, and he kisses her by surprise) "Yeah but its there first kiss, hes kisses her by surprise, watch" You point to the TV. *Ronnie walks away but will holds her back, she starts yelling again, then her grabs her and kisses her* "Awww its SO cute!" You jump in your seat. "What so cute about it? He interrupted her sentence.." He says confused. "Yeah, but to girls its like saying I don't care if were fighting I still love, and care about you no matter what." You explain. "Oh I see." He says. "Awww hes taking her out on a date!" You jump in your seat, again. "Whats so important about that?" He asks. "Whats so important about that?" You raise your voice a little, "Its every girls dream to go out on an AMAZING date w/ there dream guy. Its the night you guys connect, and get to know each other more. You CANT just be like 'hey i like you, lets be a boring couple' Its where you get to be yourself around each other, and spend your day togeth-" You feel Alex press his smooth lips against yours, Your stomach explodes w/ butterflies. He puts his arms around your waste and hugs you tightly. You cant help but put your arms around his neck and hug him back. You feel his hard abs pressed against your chest, and stomach. He pulls away, "Did I do it right?" He smiles "Wha- Do what right." You question confused. "You know where the guys kisses the girl when shes mad, to show her that he still loves her and cares about her." He says. *you blush* "Yeah, perfect." *You blush some more.
  5. You guys lay on the couch together until the movie is over. "You know, this movie wasn't as bad as I thought." He laughs. "I know, I love the movie." You laugh and stand up. He stretches and goes to turn the lights on. *lights turn on* He goes to turn off the TV and you notice a big scar on his back. He turns around again "Let me walk you to your room." He puts his arm out like an escort. You laugh and put your arm through his forgetting about the scar. You walk down the hall and reach your door. As you go to open the door you feel Alex hug you from behind out of nowhere "Good night, beautiful. This was the best date of my life." He whispers into your ear and leaves. You walk into your bedroom and lay down, thinking about your day, and the amazing vacation your going to make the best of. You want to tell the guys about the dream but you decide to wait until the vacation is over, since you don't want to cause more stress.
  6. You must of been tired because you feel asleep really fast. *The next morning* "Rise and shine" Max says walking in and jumps on your bed. "Wha-?" You say stretching and lay up half way. "Were going to go eat breakfast downstairs, in the dining hall." Max says trying to drag you off your bed. "Hey, I can walk." You laugh, but as he lets go of you, you fall off your bed and onto the floor. "Sure you can." Max laughs and helps you up. "I did that on purpose." You say and stick your tongue out. "Clumsy" He coughs. "Whatever." You push him and he falls back on your bed, but as he falls he pulls you down with him. You land on top of him, "Well, doesn't this just turn you on." He jokes. "Yeah right Maxwell." You pin his arms down. "Well now were just getting kinky huh? Are you going to hand cuff me now?" He winks at you. You laugh and unpin his hands to playfully punch him in the stomach, but he grabs your arms and rolls over, so he is now on top. You've never seen this side of Max, but you kind of liked it. "Actually I think your the one who's going to be handcuffing me." You laugh. "No I'm going to be doing something else." He smiles at you, and you see his light blue eyes shine. "and what is that?" You ask staring into his eyes. "This." He leans in slowly and kisses you, your whole body tingles, and your heart explodes with a warm feeling.
  7. He pulls away and stands up. "Better then getting hand cuffed huh?" He smiles and helps you up, but before you can say anything he walks away. "Were leaving in an hour, so hurry and change." He smiles and walks out the door. You go take a quick shower and then walk to you closet to see what the guys brought you. What do you wear? (remember your on a cruise so I just choose what you'd probably wear in the summer?)
  8. You change and walk out your door. As you shut your door you run into Josh, who is shirtless, and is wearing a towel below his waist. You assume he just got out of the shower. He has a nice tan 8 pack, which are wet :P. "Oh hey ___. Wow.. You look amazing." He smiles at you. "Thanks." You blush, "What is up with everybody trying to strip for me." You laugh and continue walking and he follows. "Damn, am I that obvious?" He winks at you. "Just a little." You wink back and walk into the living room. "Hey ____. Woah.. You look amazing hot." Alex says, who is playing with his wet blonde hair. "Thanks." You blush and go sit down on the couch. "Are the other guys almost ready?" He asks you "Josh just got out of the shower, and I dont know about Max and Calisto." You say back. "Hey guys, were read- oh hey ____, you look amazing..." Max walks in. "I can second that." Calisto walks in behind him.. "Wheres Josh?" Alex asks. "Here!" He says walking in pulling his jeans on. "Alrightyy! Lets go eat." Alex says opening the door for you. "Thanks." you say walking out.
  9. You guys follow Max down the old fashioned hallways. They're decorated with long red rugs, and old paintings that are hanging along side the walls. You see large wooden doors on the sides, which are the rooms. You remember your in room 1152. You finally end up walking into a large corridor that leads to a huge wooden spiral staircase, known as the grand staircase. You walk up the stairs and reach the 3rd floor. Which is where the dining hall is. There are a bunch of small wooden tables perfectly set with silver dining sets. You guys go to the back by the windows that are over looking the sunrise that is sparkling against the ocean. "Here." Calisto pulls out your chair and you sit down. "Thank you." You smile at him. Alex sits on your right, Max on your left, and Calisto and Josh are sitting across from you. Theres an open chair next to Alex, since each table can seat 6 people. "You may choose whatever you'd like to eat up at the front tables." The waitress points to the sides of the room , and walks away. "Wohoo, time to feed the bears." Alex and Max go running to the tables, followed by you, Josh and Calisto, who are laughing. You guys walk up to the tables and see a variety of foods. What do you choose?
  10. You fill your plate/bowl with whatever kind of food you chose and head back to the table. You sit down and start eating. "Oh my god, I'm so hungry." You hear Alex say while sitting down. He has two plates overflowing with food, and Max does too. You laugh. "Jeez, did you grab enough?" Josh says laughing and sits down. "Yeah, What did you guys take half the food up there?" Calisto laughs at them. "No.. Well maybe? But hey, they said 'Take as much as you like' We just did what they told us." Max says stuffing his mouth with bacon. You guys all laugh. You continue to eat.
  11. "Hey, can I sit with you guys? All the other seat are taken." You hear somebody say. You look up and see a guy your age. He had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. "Sure, go ahead." Josh says. "Thanks. My names Tyler." He sits down with his plate. "Hey." Alex smiles with food in his mouth. "I'm Alex, that's Max, Josh, Calisto, & This is ____." He finishes. "____? That's a pretty name." Tyler says and smiles at you. You blush, and then he continues to eat. The guys stare at him in jealousy. "So how did you get on here?" Alex asks. "My dad actually works on here, so we travel a lot." He says swallowing some food. "Really what does he do?" Max asks. "He runs the ship. What about you guys?" He asks. "My dad bought us the tickets to go visit him." Max says without a sweat. "Wait.. Are all of you guys family??" His facial expression makes you laugh. "No I grew up w/ these guys so my dad said I could bring some friends." Max explains. "Oh so is ____ any of your guy's girlfriend?" He asks. "No.." "I wish." "He did NOT just ask that." "Why do you care?" All the guys say at the same time. You just look at all them awkwardly. "No, I'm not." You tell him. "Good." He stares at you. The sun is reflecting of his eyes which make them look like bright, and beautiful. Your the first to finish eating, so you go walk by yourself to the front to give the people your dishes. "Hey." You see Tyler come up and starts walking with you. "Hey." You say back. "They seem really protective about you" He laughs. "Try living with them." You joke. "Wait you live with them?" He asks. "Oh.. uh. no it was a joke." You laugh. "Oh well dont I feel smart." He laughs. "Listen, do you want to hang out later?" He asks you. You think about it. "Yeah sure." You answer. "Great, meet me at the grand staircase at 6." He smiles and leaves.
  12. You walk back to the table. "Oh my god, I'm so full..." You see Alex leaning back and rubbing his stomach. You laugh. "Are you guys all done?" You ask. "Yep lets go." Josh starts walking, and the guys follow behind. They all go drop there plates off, and walk out the big wooden doors. "What should we do? We have the whole day to spend." Max says. "Yeah plus what can you do on a ship?" Alex adds. "I don't know lets just go to the room and then decide." Calisto tells them. You guys start walking back. Alex and Max are goofing around in the hallways playing ding dong ditch. "Marissa its your turn." Alex says. "What? No I don't want to get in trouble." You try to work your way out of it. "C'mon, unless your to scared." Max winks at you. "Im not scared!" You yell back. "Prove it." Alex and Max say. Josh and Calisto are laughing in the back round Chanting "Do it! Do it! Do it!' They continue to do it. "Fine. But you guys better hide." You say. You all walk up to the next giant wooden door. The silver numbers read room 1145. *knock, knock, knock* The door almost immediately opened. You didn't have enough time to run so you turned invisible. "Hello?" You hear a guys voice say, you looked around the wooden pillar. *You gasp* Its Tyler...
  13. That's the end of Part 7! Hope you enjoyed it (: If you have any ideas of what they can do to on a ship, comment (: and Tyler isn't a result until the next quiz!

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