The justin bieber quiz

I made this because i like justin bieber and i thought it would be fun to make quiz on something i know a lot about and iknow aton about him so idid it on him.

Do think you know abuot justin sieber well if you do this is the right test foryou to take this test is all about bieber bieber and more come take this test.

Created by: gia

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  1. How would you wake justin up from bed?
  2. if justin came to your house what wuold you say?
  3. if justin fell how would you help him up?
  4. what is justin favorite sport?
  5. if justin told you he loved you what would you do?
  6. if you and justin bieber got in a fight how long would it take you to for give him?
  7. if justin bieber cryed would you care?
  8. if you saw justin's phone would you take it
  9. if you had justin overt for dinner what would you have?
  10. if you had justin over for a movie one night what kind would you watch?

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