do you looooooove justin bieber?

this is a quiz that tells you if your justins true love it is a honest test no lies. this will help you study and learn different facts about justin bieber.

there are twelve different questions some words in the questions might be spelled wrong please ignor it. all the justin bieber fans will injoy this quiz because youll get fun scores and comments.

Created by: jaclyn

  1. what is justin's middle name?
  2. What is justin's fave color?
  3. what is justin's favourite number
  4. what is justin bieber's fave pop
  5. what kind of dog does justin bieber have?
  6. when was his first album realeased?
  7. what is his favorite shoe brand?
  8. what is justin's favorite cereal?
  9. what is his hair color?
  10. when is his birthday?
  11. how did justin bieber become famouse?
  12. favourite pie is?

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Quiz topic: Do I looooooove justin bieber?