how well do you know Justin Bieber

there are many people know alot about Justin Bieber why don't you try my quiz how well do you know Justin Bieber!!! if you do well you are a true JB lover!!

do you want to know exactly how much YOU know Justin Bieber well then just try this quiz and you will find out so c'mon just do it do it do it!!! ;D:D

Created by: natalie

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  1. what is the missing word onetime:when i met you girl my _____ went knock knock
  2. what is the missing word baby:and i was like baby baby baby ohh like baby baby baby ohh like baby baby baby ohh thought you'd always be ____
  3. what is the missing word love me:my friends say i'm a fool to think that your the _____ for me i guess i'm just a sucker for love love
  4. what is Justin Biebers girlfriends name
  5. what age is JB
  6. when is his b-day
  7. whats JBs new album called
  8. what is JBs newest song
  9. what is Justin Biebers pet called btw his pet is a dog

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Justin Bieber