Are You REALLY a Justin Bieber Fan?

I'm sure every girl these days think they love Justin Bieber, but how many of them REALLY know him? Take this test to find out if ur a true fan or if you just think u are

I just did this quiz to see how many girls would take it just cuz its about justin bieber. honestly i know nothing about him and found out this stuff on the internet. thanks for taking my quiz

Created by: Jenny
  1. Where was Justin born?
  2. When is his birthday?
  3. What is his middle name?
  4. Where does he live now?
  5. What is his favorite food?
  6. What is his favorite number?
  7. What is his favorite color?
  8. How old was he when he had his first kiss?
  9. He is bilingual-what other language does he speak?
  10. What is his shoe size?

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY a Justin Bieber Fan?