My Feral Days - The Soundtrack

On November 1, 2004, a literary phenomenon known as "My Feral Days" was born on LiveJournal - a fictional story chronicling the evolution of Josie Presley from a heartbroken hospital receptionist to a model with a quickly-blossoming career about to run away to Paris with one of Hollywood's top leading men, leaving behind her three best friends (Josh, Peter, and Claire) and the sad-eyed love of her life.

Throughout this fifty-chapter story, music was frequently used as a plot-advancing tool, a mood setter, a hint of things to come, and sometimes just to add a little extra color. This quiz seeks to find how closely fans of "My Feral Days" followed this musical roadmap.

Created by: Sarah
  1. What is the first song referenced in My Feral Days?
  2. What artist do Jesse and Josie listen to on the drive to Jerry's party in chapter two?
  3. Who dances to "Float On" in chapter six?
  4. Which Aerosmith song is the ringtone for Chelsea Zueger on Josie's cell phone?
  5. What Madonna song is playing in Josie and Emma's apartment the first time Josh and Peter visit?
  6. As which pop star does Josh dress when observing 80's Day at The Clubhouse?
  7. What is the first song of significance in Josie and Toby's relationship?
  8. When Toby breaks his leg, Josie is the first to sign his cast. Whose lyrics does she sign with?
  9. Other than "Wannabe", what other Spice Girls song do Toby and Josie sing together in chapter eighteen?
  10. Which band provides the lyrics written on Toby's back in chapter twenty-three?
  11. From which iconic Michael Jackson music video does Toby get many of the moves for his "Let's Stay Together" routine?
  12. What artist do Josie and her cousin Ginny listen to while driving around Destin in chapter twenty-seven?
  13. When Toby and Josie are alone in the house in chapter thirty-one, what artist does he suggest they listen to?
  14. What artist is featured on the t-shirt Toby wears during his second day in Atlanta (chapter forty-seven)?
  15. What favorite song of Josie's does Toby quote to her when they go swimming in the Chatahoochee River in chapter forty-seven?
  16. In chapter forty-eight, what song does Peter start to sing to Josie until she threatens to punch his lights out?
  17. From what blink-182 song does Josie get the text for her tattoo?
  18. How many songs were on the CD that Toby made for Josie?
  19. Who was once caught singing "Baby, One More Time" in a very high voice, as remembered by Josie in the final chapter?
  20. Other than her grandfather and herself, who is the only person Josie has ever met that knows the full lyrics to "Come, Josephine"?

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