The Journey: Alex (Part 1)

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Created by: xbox360fan

  1. Hi I'm Alex. No it's not short for anything it's just Alex. Let me start off by saying I'm a girl and I'm proud of it. So anyways I bet you're wondering who I am, what I look like, and that sort of stuff. Well I'll get there so just be patient. So my full name is Alex McTyre. If you're wondering yes my last name does come from a Scottish and Irish background my last name actually means wolf in Scottish and Irish. No I don't sound Scottish or Irish that's because I wasn't born there. I was born in Italy because I also have Italian roots. My dad is Irish, and my mom is Italian. My dad doesn't live with us anymore because he well left us for someone else. So that leaves me and my mom. I don't just speak Italian because as you can see now I am speaking in English but I can also speak Spanish, German, Russian, and Dutch. I do have Spanish, German, Russian, and Dutch roots as well.
  2. So, since we got that covered let me tell you a bit more about my family. I have a twin sister named Bella, but we're fraternal so we look nothing alike. Let me tell you what she looks like then I'll get to me. Bella has long blonde hair and dark purple eyes. Bella is skinny not to skinny but skinny. She has slightly tanned skin. Let me get started on her personality, so she is basically a total b*tch. Excuse my language but she is. She acts like an angel when mom is around but when she isn't she like tortures me. Did I mention she's also a minute older than me so she gets anything she wants and it annoys me half to death. Also whenever she is at school she dresses like a total slut which makes her popular. This is what she does, she wears these clothes mom buys and then goes to the bathroom and changes into slutty clothes and at the end of school she changes back.
  3. Well, I suppose that we should get started about me. Alright then, I have long black hair and midnight blue eyes. I'm a pale. I'm of average weight not to fat and not to skinny. I'm also of average height not too tall and not to short. Did I mention Bella is like model tall well if I didn't I just did. I'm a cutter as well because I'm always getting put down like my mom doesn't pay that much attention to me and no one really likes me. I don't want to go into full detail of why so, back to what I was saying. My personality now is like this. I tend to be a trouble maker, and a lonely mysterious person. I'm also a daydreamer. Anyways basically I ditch school most of the time, fight a lot.
  4. Oh, also I tend to not pay attention to anyone. I have an attention disorder. No it's not ADHD well at least that's what the doctor said. Let's see anything else? Oh and I love classic rock, modern rock, metal, dub step, and techno. Also I'm kinda a werewolf. Before you ask I don't turn into those giant wolves like in Twilight. I hate Twilight. Ok, I lied we do turn into wolves but that is rarely. We mostly just turn into our normal forms but not into wolves. We only do it if we have to, like hiding from mortals and stuff like that. Get what I'm saying? Good.
  5. So, theirs also this one other thing I have like this crush on this guy. His name is Max but theirs this one problem he's dating my sister. And as much as I hate my sister I wouldn't take Max away from him mainly because I wouldn't hurt her like that and Max probably won't even like me. He probably doesn't even know who I am...
  6. Oh, did I mention I had a pet fox named Chipper? If I didn't I did now. Chipper has nine tails and his fur is silver, he also has red and slight blue on him (look at the photo to understand because I can't describe it)
  7. Ok, so that was about Alex. Sorry it was so short. I will be doing the next one about Max. There is also going to be photos of each person so click on who you want to see. For this one I'm only showing Bella, Alex and Chipper. All three of them will be on the one about Max and in the future of me creating this. The next questions are just going to be random ones.
  8. So who do you want to see a photo of?
  9. Only two more questions...
  10. Just to clarify. Who do you want to see a photo of again?

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