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  • That was a very subtle start. I'd love to see more of it because the story line hasn't been explained. Which is probably a good thing either way you look at it. Most stories start out with the main character literally knowing nothing. How that everyone acts so suspicious around him/her and that you always have to have 'the talk'. And always asking what's up with them and their weirdness. And how they are always more special from the rest. And how the story starts of in a normal environment then completely changes and stay that way. Which I'm guilty of all of them. Probably even more cliche stuff.

    What's next? The story? Another character? I like Alex. She's very down to earth and just solid. Though dreamy characters would balance that. Dreamy characters. Hehe. I want to create one now. They're always the most interesting and obscure. They have a tint of craziness yet their so soft and cuddly. What did I just say ._.

  • @ivoryleaf Well thanks for the comment. And soft and cuddly really? lols so anyways ya I like Alex to she just kinda popped into my head when making this so I changed it around to making it Alex being the main character. And another thakns as well.

  • @tenten16 I actually have no idea, it just came to me because I was playing Sonic... And at the time I was playing as Tails so I kinda incoroprated that into Chipper except ya know Chipper has nine tails.

  • This was cool! Alex is AWESOME and kinda pretty...! Chipper is cute( where did the 9tail idea come from)?! Bella is, as described!

    I like it!!! PLEASE make part two soon!!! yayz!!!!

  • I think this sounds like a really good story! Please make the next part soon!!!

  • WHERE IS EPISODE TWELVE OF 'never alone' I WANT EPISODE TWELVE :'(.please im BEGGING you :'( :'( :'( :'(

  • This story sounds so cool!!!!! :D can't wait 4 the nxt part ^_^


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