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  • Twilight sucks and I'll tell you why. Last year in class we had to do projects on different U.S. states. I chose Washington because that's where I grew up. Well the next day one of my friends who was out the other day was mad at me because she wanted to do Washington. I asked her why and she said it was because that was where Twilight was filmed. I told her that growing up in a certain state is way more important than filming a stupid movie. Well she got really upset and said that if I didn't let her do Washington she would never speak to me again. I lost a really good friend that day, all because of a movie called...OH LOOK COOKIES!!! *crunch, chew, swallow* Sorry what were we talking about

  • Twilight sucks. i kinda liked it before, but everyone liked it, and it got VERY annoying!!!! then it got old, and when i thought about it again, it was extremely stupid. i can't believe i ever liked it! i'm ashamed of myself!

    well, right now i'm good. i like the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. now, that is better.

    x aka mrlq x
  • Hey! Don't make mean quizzes like this! It's so mean, you know some people can rate this a 1! I mean of course the first movie was cheesy but I REALLY like it! I am going to report this quiz!

  • Twilight is probably the worst series of movies ever and I hope someday people realize it. IT's so F***ing STUPID!!

    And Robert Pattinson is NOT hot!

  • F*** Twilight, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland rox!

    F*** Twilight, Sweeny Todd rox!!

  • Wow, I have a really short intension span. I don't how I could have...OMG!!! THIS KITTEY IS SOFT!!!

  • Ummm...twilight rox. This is a BAAAAD quiz

  • 100% YEAH!


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