The Hardest Taylor Swift Quiz

Lucky number = 13. First single = "Tim McGraw." Favorite colors = red, white, and purple. Home state = Pennsylvania. Brother's name = Austin. Unique for = writing songs.

These are the basic facts on Taylor Swift, but do you know more? This quiz explores 13 aspects of Taylor's life that aren't so well known to the public. Take this quiz and see how you score!

Created by: Grace

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  1. What was Taylor's first word?
  2. What hotel/motel did the Swifts stay at during Taylor's first trip to Nashville?
  3. What was the original lyric in "Mary's Song" that was replaced by "We were sittin' at our favorite spot in town"?
  4. What middle school did Taylor's brother attend?
  5. Where did Taylor's dad work in Stone Harbor, New Jersey?
  6. Taylor bought a Lexus as her first car - why?
  7. What doesn't Taylor keep on her while she's drinking?
  8. What movie does Taylor say feature the cutest baby she's ever seen?
  9. What's Taylor's favorite time of day?
  10. It bothers Taylor when:
  11. What was the first thing Prince William said to Taylor?

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