The Guardian: Part 14

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Hey everyone! Ghettobabe4ever, here with part numero fourteen! So, I'd like to go ahead and announce this to you all. I one hundred percent will be making the sequel to this!

^ Make sure to suggest titles ( Tysm to HoundLover for suggesting a couple. Who knows, I might pick one of those! They were great btw) so.... Yeah, that's it people.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. ***Blaze***A few minutes after Angelica had went to her room, I began to hear voices, a male voice and her own. Creeping down the hall, I listened as she gave a raspy cry, a loud thump coming from inside. My adrenaline began to rush as I flung the door open, the window wide open and Angelica gone. " Guys! She's gone!"
  2. ***Angelica***I began to slowly peel my eyes open, sweat trickling down the sides of my jawline as I gave a small gasp. Derrek. Suddenly everything began to come back to me, the memories frightening me. " Nice. You're awake." he stated, swaying towards me with a smirk on his face. " Let me go! Let me go right now or... Or I'll kill you!" I hissed.
  3. " You'll kill me? Ha. You're so cute when you're mad." he chuckled softly, tilting my chin up with his index finger, my heart racing as he leaned closer. " Listen. You can either do as I say..." he whispered, using his free hand to rub the side of my face. " Or... You can disobey me again, and I kill another friend of yours." " No... No. I'll do as you wish, just don't kill anyone." I sobbed bitterly, a vile smirk creeping up his face. " Great."
  4. Leaning in even closer, he took my face in his hands, pressing his lips roughly against mine, giving a pleased sigh as I kissed back. " You really are something. Too bad I can't keep you." he muttered after pulling away. " What do you mean?" " I might as well tell you. The Devil hired me to get you. Something about you being.... Well, I'd rather not say. Let's just say, you aren't going to like it there." he said. " Lucifer hired you? That's... Odd. Why would he want me?" I asked, oblivious to the fact that he was now undoing the plastic ties around my wrists.
  5. " Does it really even matter? " he asked, kneeling down and untying my ankles, pulling me up into his embrace. " A little. I'd like to know. Please." I pled, touching his face with the side of my hand, giving a flirtatious look. " He wants you to be his wife, okay?! But... I... I don't want you to be. That's why I have to do this." he cried out, his sharp tone startling me. "Do what?" "You can either marry me or I will have to kill you. Either way, he's not getting you."
  6. "Derrek.... I... I can't do either of those things." I whispered in a raspy voice, tears trickling down my face as I looked into his dark eyes with a frown. " You have to, you idiot! Are you stupid or something!? If you get taken to him, he'll make you marry him! Do you know what will happen then!?" he shouted. I shook my head, his face reddening as he gave a small sigh. " If you marry him, the world gets set off balance and everyone dies. A love goddess isn't meant to marry him. It's just... Unthought of. "
  7. " What!? That's.... That's awful! I... I can't do this... I... " " If you choose to marry me, it'd only be a way to keep everything safe. It wouldn't be a real marriage. You're free to do as you want, until we get to know each other better." he explained, sensing my fear. " Give me some time? I... I need to think it over." I whispered, letting the thought go through my head. I mean... It wouldn't be a real marriage, so... That was a plus side. " You have a day. You're free to go, just.... Be safe." he whispered, pressing his lips softly against mine.
  8. ***Zach*** She was gone. My beautiful Gelly Cat was gone. She'd only been missing for a day, but it felt like an eternity. I missed her sparkling blue eyes that shined like puddles of Californian water.... The way they'd light up when she was excited and darken when she was mad. I missed her playful personality, the way she put up with me even when I was being a total doofus. I... I just miss her. "Zach. We all miss her, but you don't need to starve yourself." Blaze sighed, his light eyes full of pain as I gave a growl. " This is all you're fault! If you hadn't have been friends with Derrek, we wouldn't have to even worry! Jeez.... I... I wish you were never born!" I shouted angrily, storming off to my room, turning on a Bruno Mars song and flopping into my bed.
  9. *** Blaze ***He was right. This was all my fault. If only I had been there to help... If only I were never born. Although I knew he was just mad, it upset me to hear him, the lighthearted ditz, so furious. It just proved Angelica was the only one keeping things normal around here. She was the heart and soul of this little group of friends, and the only one I trusted. With an furious sigh, I ran outside, my feet slapping against the cold sidewalk as tears rolled down my cheeks. " I'm coming Angelica.. I'm coming." I whispered.
  10. ***Lucifer***Perfect. Everything was going according to plan, just the way I wanted it to. My son, Daemon, may have abandoned me, but my nephew didn't. He was the only one I trusted, and he's led the girl straight into his trap. " Get my jacket, Amanda. I'm going out to get my prize." I said, turning to face my sister, the witch.
  11. ***Angelica***Pressing my lips against mine, he gave me a soft yet passionate kiss, my lips moving in sync with his, sparks flying as we kissed. " Want me to take you back?" he asked, his hands gently placed on my hips as I shook my head. He gave an understanding smile, taking me over to a small couch and sitting down, motioning for me to sit on his lap. I did as he said, shaking as he removed the necklace from around my neck, and slowly began to kiss me again.
  12. ***Daemon***" Grayson, I can sense her. She's alive. Injured, but alive. And... Shes feeling confused. I... Oh my... Derreks.... He's.. " I stammered, Grayson looking wide eyed as I searched for words. " What!? What's he doing!?" " He's... He's got her falling for him. I can sense them together... And, I'd rather not discuss what he's doing." I said, crinkling my nose as I could sense him kissing her. " He better get his filthy hands off of her!" he shrieked.
  13. ***Angelica***" Let me go." I pled, his hands now placed tightly around my neck, a feminine giggle coming from the dark side of the room. " Derrek, do as she says. You two are sick." a familiar voice said, her giggle so familiar to me. " Amanda, you witch, no. You aren't supposed to be here until later. Don't tell me Lucifer got impatient." Derrek sneered, rocking me in his arms, my heart racing as I heard her cackling. Amanda.... She'd been against us this whole time. " Indeed,he has. He wants what's his." " Well, if you had waited a little longer, she would have been willing to go." he huffed, giving me an apologetic look before hitting the side of my head.
  14. "Auh!" I gasped, reaching out to touch the side of my head, blood dripping down the side of my face, staining my blonde hair a reddish-pink color. " Quit being a baby, Angelica." Amanda hissed, walking over to me with her hands on her hips and a sneer on her face. " You think you're sooo special, having all these guys drool over you. Well guess what sister, you aren't anything. I hate you so much. If my idiot brother, Lucifer, didn't have plans for you two, you'd be dead."
  15. " Auh. Amanda... I... I'm sorry you feel that way. I... I'm sorry, really." I panted, my heart racing as she jabbed her finger into the crook of my neck. " Just shut up! You little.... I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!" she snarled, taking the tip of her nails and digging them into my flesh, a ragged cry escaping my throat as tears leapt to my eyes. " Stop! Stop Amanda!" Derrek shouted, shoving her away in rage, pulling me closer to his body. " I'm... I'm sorry." she frowned, wiping a trail of tears from her eyes, taking a hold of my hand. " Come with us." she said cheerfully, her and Derek leading me outside.
  16. ***Louis***I sensed her cries, each one weaker than the other as they tortured her, dragging her off to Lucifer, her cries louder as he gave a wicked spine chilling laugh. " I'm coming, my calling." I whispered.
  17. *** Angelica***Hot tears leaked out of my eyes as they led me to Lucifer, the flames whooshing around us. In the center of the room sat a large coal colored chair, Lucifer hunched over it, turning to face us as we entered. " Hello, Angelica. Fancy seeing you again." he laughed. Kicking my legs frantically, I tried to avoid his eyes, but they seemed to draw me in, their colors leaping about like a wave in the ocean. " Let me go!" I hissed, my once bright eyes full of fear as he gave nod to Derrek. " Come. We have much to discuss." he said once Derrek and Amanda released my hands.
  18. Doing as he wished, I carefully limped over to him, taking a hold of his hand he offered me, frowning as he pulled me closer. " Listen, Angelica. I know Derrek, my worthless nephew, told you some things, some true, others not." " Is it true that you want me?" I croaked, sobbing silently as he gave a nod. " Yes. I've wanted you ever since I finally met you. Truth be told, we could be together, but it would kill all of humanity. The only way for it to work is if I step down from my throne, giving it to Daemon instead. Of course, that won't do, since you're his... So... I'll have to kill him and Grayson to get you." he smiled, tears of fear pouring from my eyes.
  19. " No! Kill me if you're going to kill anyone, just don't kill any of the guys." I sniffed, throwing myself into his arms as I sobbed uncontrollably, his arms slowly wrapping around my waist. " Fine, then. So be it." he said pointing to a tall guy in the corner of the room. " Take her away! Get her a fresh outfit and if needed, you are free to protect yourself against her." Lucifer said, tilting my chin up and giving me a small smile, freezing my heart as he pressed his lips against mine. " Night, beauty." he whispered, my eyes drooping shut as I fell backwards into his arms, losing consciousness.
  20. ***Blaze***Running as fast as possible, I looked all over for her, but couldn't find a trace of her. " Hey Blaze!" I heard a girly voice squeal. " Amanda!? I thought you... Never mind that, have you seen Angelica!? Derrek got her again!" " Really!? I just saw her, actually. Follow me!" she insisted, taking me by the arm and leading me to a car, taking a seat in it and motioning for me to sit in the passenger seat. Taking a seat in the car, I buckled my seat belt, my eyes wandering over to her hand, which no longer was empty. In it was a long blade.
  21. ***CLIFFHANGER***

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