the grand minecraft quiz

this quiz is a series of pretty hard questions about minecraft. most answers come from the combat handbook so that could come in handy for this quiz.

those who do well are a minecraft legand. those who don't are probably just started playing the game. wherever you stand in this quiz, the most important this is have fun. good luck!

Created by: matthew
  1. what is the rarest ore?
  2. what the first thing you should do on minecraft?
  3. how long does it take to fully charge a bow on minecraft?
  4. how much health does an enderman have?
  5. how much percentage of protection does a full set of iron armour have?
  6. how do you make charcoal on minecraft?
  7. what is the most important thing for a house?
  8. what the rarest biome?
  9. how much health does an iron golem have?
  10. out of these, which has the most health

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