Are you truly a minecraft pro like me?

There are many minecraft players,but few pros. Who is a pro?A minecraft pro is someone that is extraordinarily clever in playing minecraft. I made this quiz super easy so you literally cant fail every thing

Are you really a minecraft pro?Do you have the qualification to assume that title? Only this quiz can find out(maybe not only this quiz,but i highly reccomend this one)

Created by: Jesimiel meindinyo
  1. You load a new minecraft world,made stone tools,decide to mine and spot diamonds. What do you do?
  2. What do polar bears in minecraft drop upon death?
  3. How many minutes does a minecraft day last?
  4. Which of these mobs is most important for beating minecraft
  5. Which of these things can you NOT obtain from killing a wandering trader?
  6. Which of these mobs is new to minecraft
  7. Which of these items are you supposed to take on a mining trip?
  8. Your'e on a mining trip. Your inventory is getting quite full. What ores will you ignore?
  9. How many golems are in minecraft?
  10. What mob uses magic?
  11. What happens if you shoot an arrow of harming at an enderman?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly a minecraft pro like me?