Minecraft: The Ultimate Quiz

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Welcome to the Ultimate Minecraft quiz! These 15 questions will test your survival skills and hopefully teach you something new about your favorite game. NO CHEATING!!!

idk what to do with this last paragraph so I will just say that if you are reading this, Minecraft is awesome. Admit it. It's cool in so many ways. Keep playing, everyone!

Created by: ItzElsaTime

  1. When was Minecraft first released?
  2. What is the hardest block to break?
  3. How many versions of Minecraft are there?
  4. Who is Notch?
  5. Who is Jeb?
  6. How do you make an enchantment table?
  7. What is the official name for any animal in Minecraft?
  8. Can you eat rotten flesh?
  9. What animal must you kill in order to make a bed?
  10. Can you tame an iron golem in survival?
  11. Is there such a thing as a sparkler in Minecraft?
  12. Why is it natural of a Minecraft player to craft a crafting table first?
  13. When do mobs come out?
  14. What is the worst place to be at night?
  15. LAST QUESTION! Are you a true Minecraftian?!!!!

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