Grian Quiz! How Well Do You Know Him?

There are many good players, but very few Minecraft geniuses. Grian is someone who has huge amounts of building brainpower and who sees the world through a novel point of view.

Are you a fan of the Minecraft Youtuber Grian? How much do you know about him? In a few minutes you will find out! So sit down, get comfy, and start!

Created by: Anonamous of idonthaveone.
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  1. We all know Grian is a friendly person, and liked a lot in Hermitcraft. But who is his special Hermit friend?
  2. What is a nickname for him in a Mumbo film?
  3. Name a cat he owns.
  4. Name his other cat.
  5. There are Minecraft Gods. They are the best at one thing. Grian is one. But what does he represent?
  6. What is true?
  7. What is his real name?
  8. When was he born?
  9. When doing a pro build battle, the theme was island. What did he build?
  10. What quote is not made up and was said by him in his first episode of Hermitcraft?
  11. What quote is not made up and was said by him in his first episode of Hermitcraft?
  12. What did Grian say at the end of hermit news in episode 59 of season 6?
  13. Which one of these hermits in season 6 lives in a snail and is his neighbour?
  14. In season six, the last episode, Grian admitted he was poultry man, and another prank. What was it?
  15. What funny thing did he do when doing an I build your comments video? Not all of these were done.

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