The Forbidden part 13

So sorry it took so long! But it's out now and I really hope you guys like this one. I've introduced a new guy..see if I can give Dre some competition.. Even though I know some of you re serious Dre-lovers!

Recap: someone was behind you and Brad. Enjoy!

Created by: muzix4evrz123
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  1. You and Brad turn around and Erik is there. "Hey Erik." Brad says. "Daniel's awake." Erik says, ignoring Brad. "Thanks." you say and hurry through the garden, leaving Erik and Brad. You walk down the hallway till you reach Daniel's room. Fear rises in you as you open the door. "D-Daniel?" you whisper. He looks up and gives you a weak smile. You run over to him and sit down beside him. "Hey __________." he greets you, trying to assure you that he's okay. But you know he's anything but okay.
  2. "How you feeling?" you ask him. "I've been better." he replies. You sigh and kiss him gently, careful not to press down on any part of him. "Yeah..I'm better." he smiles when you pull away. "Um..I know that this isn't the best time, but do you know what's going on with Erik and Brad?" you ask him. He shakes his head. "Even if I did, I don't think they'd let me tell you. Sorry." he says. You nod. Dre knocks on the door. "Can I talk to Daniel for a minute?" he asks. You nod and leave.
  3. You go outside and see Erik looking pretty pissed, muttering some not-so-nice words to himself. "Erik?" you say softly. "What!" "Are you okay?" "DO I LOOK OKAY!?" "What is your problem?" "Nothing okay? Nothing!" and with that, he walks off into the park (for those who don't know there's a park right opposite the hospital..I probably should have mentioned that)
  4. After like 3 hours of walking, you collapse on the floor, exhausted. "Erik!" you yell, but only silence replies. You hear a low hissing sound. Alarmed, you slowly get up, but you hear growling behind you, Then, out from the bushes!? You jump back in surprise. "Hey.." she says. "Hi." you reply. She rolls her eyes. "Relax."she whispers and something about her voice makes you feel okay. You step closer, and then her smile fades and she grabs you and slams you down on the ground. "Now, let's make this quick and easy huh?" she laughs and presses down on your thigh. You hear a snap and a sharp pain winces through you. You scream out in pain, but no one is there. Blood starts seeping out and it hurts so much. She's...a vampire!? She's about to bite you, when something comes out of nowhere and pins her to the ground.
  5. "Off Mist!" it..or he yells. You're in so much pain, you can hardly breathe. "But, I'm hungry!" she shouts defensively. "Well this one's off limits." he growls. She hisses and stalks angrily ff into the forest. He turns to you, eyes filled with concern. You feel dizzy and light-headed, so you lean back and rest on the ground, allowing your vision to blur. He runs to you. He has jet black hair and red-orange eyes, the same as the burning sun. He places his hand on your thigh and you wince. "It's okay..Just. sshh." he whispers to you, his voice some how calming.
  6. "Your scent.." he mutters and looks around. "Close your eyes." he whispers. You do as your told. "Relax." His grip tightens and you black out. When you wake up, you can't open your eyes. You feel your on silk, so you guess your on a bed. You try to move, but a white hot pain sears through your leg and you whimper. "Don't move." you hear a voice say softly. You feel cool fingers run across your neck and then on your thigh.
  7. "Can you feel that?" he asks, pressing down. You nod slowly. "Good. Can you sit up?" he asks. You open your eyes and see the same guy leaning over you. You try and pull yourself up. He stares intently at you, with a guilty expression. "How you feeling, he asks, getting up. He takes your hand and pulls you up gently. "Wh-Who are you?" you ask, ignoring his question. "Don't worry about that." he says as you follow him out the door. You repeat your question and he sighs. "Shadow." he says finally. "Your name is Shadow?" you repeat. He doesn't respond.
  8. "Why were you in the woods?" he asks you, going into the kitchen and rummaging around in the fridge. "Why should I trust you?" you demand, though there's something about him that makes him so..attractive(even if you don't like him sorry!). "Well..I saved your life. And there's no way you're getting out of here without me." he states it as if obvious. He hands you a glass of water, and your fingers touch. He pulls away quickly and guilt flashes across his face.
  9. "I was..I was looking for a friend." you say, choosing your words carefully. "You know Brad.." he says quietly. "You know Brad?" you ask, shocked. "Never mind. Where are you staying?" he brushes it off and takes your empty glass away. You give him the address and he nods. "Okay...come on." he says, offering you his hand. You take it hesitantly. You feel dizzy, and then carpet below your feet. You see you're back in the hotel. Shadow puts his finger to his lips and then disappears. You see it's night-time. You start to wonder how long you were gone.
  10. You're pulled out of your thoughts as four very worried looking guys come bolting towards you. One slams into you and gives you a bear hug. "Where have you been!?" Brad demands. "Um.. I went for a walk..." you reply, eyeing Erik. You see it's Dre hugging you. "Gosh _________. You scared the heck out of me." he whispers and you laugh. You see Daniel and that he's okay. "Daniel, you're okay!" you shriek and hug him. "Alright..okay..sill sore." he manages to say. You laugh and let him go. "It's late. should.." Erik starts but you nod and head for the elevator.
  11. You go into your room and almost scream, startled, but a hand covers your mouth. "I thought you'd be used to surprises ___________." the familiar smooth voice whispers. "I thought you left." you grumble, slipping out of Shadow's grasp and going to get some close out of the wardrobe. "Yeah. I left...the lobby." You sigh and sit down on your bed. He sits down next you. Immediately, you start feeling tingly and you get a very pleasant scent. "Um..thank you..for today." you say. He nods.
  12. He nods slowly and you see his eyes are lighter now. Confused(though you really shouldn't be..) you accidentally drop your clothes on the floor. You reach down to pick it up, but he beats you to it. You turn around to face him, but he hasn't pulled away yet, so now you're face to face with him, and you get that feeling again.
  13. You know he wants to, so you gently brush your lips against his. It's as if a spell has come over you, but all you want to do is kiss him. He pulls away slightly, as if to ask "Was that real...?" He kisses you again with much more passion now, his fingers laced in your hair, his cupping your face. He's really letting himself go. You can't keep track of what your doing. You don't even understand. "Stop..trying to...take my shirt off." he mumbles through kisses. It's only then you realize you were fumbling with the buttons on his shirt. He pulls away reluctantly and sighs. He gently pushes you off of him and gets up. "That wasn't real..." he sighs again. "It's because of what I am..." he breathes.You sit up frustrated. "Then tell me Shadow..What are you?"

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