The Final Dawn Part 4

I got it out nice and on time. Its the end of the week and its lookin' good. Hope you have fun and enjoy....Especially SAKA just makes it all perfect.

There is a Part 5 coming out. Even if the end doesn't make it seem like it will. I make subtle (not really) yeah...xDDDDDDDDDD

Created by: Kunai

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  1. RECAP~You just got suckered by the Undead Dallas. He's a shapeshifter and well he hit you on the head and you are unconcious. Lovely right?!
  2. You awoke with a killer headache. Looking around you find your chained to a bed in a plain white room. Suck. You remember everything and feel very much like killing Dallas again and making sure he stays dead. That would be great. As if called by your thoughts he walks in gallently and smiles down at you "_____, Darling, don't you love it here!?" he asks coming to sit by your feet. Not a good idea pal. You try kicking him before you scream your head off. Anything to get out of his where ever you are! Dallas laughed and caught both of your feet. "Darling...nice try. Sound proof room. I could torture you...and I know the perfect way." What the heck did he mean by that? Was he going to stick your head in a bucket of water until I talked? Not all. "Yeah right. I won't talk. About anything" you say stubbornly. He grins and leans in to you....
  3. ...And smothers you with his mouth. You try pulling away from him but he pulls you back to him making the chains pull your hands. Right when you start to relax you bite his lip. Hard. He pulls back and screams like a little girl. It's so funny you just have to giggle but then he hits your head making your headache come back full on. "OUCH! I thought you like me!" you scream at him. Dallas glares, getting up and right when he opens the door...
  4. Saka burst through the door, instantly making Dallas fall in pain. "____, Are you okay?" he asked voice filled with concern. "Yes, I'm fine. Just get me out of here!" you say pulling out of the chains easily with his help. "The others?" you ask finally. "Trace ran off...left a note to you. Let you read it later" he replies moving out the door where gaurds are already dead. Okay...wait...Trace ran off? That's interesting. But most perfect...almost too perfect for you to get Saka.
  5. Chandler meets you two outside of the exact hotel you were in...what the heck? "How was I in there?" you ask totally and completely in awe. "We are halfway across the a totally different hotel. Are you sure your okay?" Chandler questions moving close to you. "Yeah..yeah. I am Now. GET. Away. FROM. Me.!" He steps back giving you the evil eye as Saka hold back laughter. There is no hate in his eyes anymore. Maybe just Maybe...Saka has chosen to like you. It would be a miracle. Cuz just as quick he glares at you and stuff you in the car. Chandler...well he glares at Saka. Lovely rivalry.
  6. Instead he whispers something and Saka nods and hands you a note. The one from Trace! It has to be. Glancing down you read the hasty scrawled message.~ _____, Sorry I had to leave. I never loved you. I just went after you to show Chandler and Saka I was not a fool. For my whole life I have love their sister. Charlotte. So sorry for leading you on. Goodbye, Trace.~ "Guys...I um...think we should leave Trace alone to his own probs" you state looking between the faces of the brothers. "Good plan" Saka says using plenty of sarcasm, "We hadn't thought of that." You glare at him for a moment before questioning "Where are we going?" Chandler smiles "The Castle of course! Its safe now."
  7. When you get out of the car you get another flashback. The first time you saw your adoptive family. You had gems everywhere and looked like a princess. But no one knew why. Instantly you were labeled the weird girl, but that didn't stop you from trying to be normal...with no memories from the past. At all. You flash back to the present and faint into Saka's arms as a dude attacks him...for a moment you think that dude is Chandler...
  8. Awakened by noises of sword on sword you look up to see Saka, sharpening a knife and Chandler's dead body at his feet. "What happened?" you ask looking down at the body. "He thought I was hurting you and attacked me...I tried really hard not to kill him. I promise!" He seems to need to know that its alright so you get up and sit next to him. "It's okay I understand. My Warrior" you sigh and lean into him. Kissing him was the best. It was the first time you had kissed HIM. And not the other way around. With all the stess it felt just perfect....STAY TUNED FOR PART 5!! (yes there will be a part 5 even if it doesn't seem like it needs one...the deaths are too....planned)
  9. Who do you love? (even if they dead!)
  10. S'kay! This is the end of Part 4. You may comment and rate as you please. I don't really care. I do it to most quizzez but mine kinda suck so I don't care if you don't like this! xD Okay anyway....well stay tuned. ^.^

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