The Final Dawn Part 1

Well hello! This is my second time doing a story quiz. Hope you like it! The plot is well you'll just have to read for now. For now lets skip down to the next paragragh.

Well this is a paragragh. BTW I'm DEDICATING this to my cousin who just had surgery. Her name is one of the guys names. Hope you feel better Chany-Bear!

Created by: Kunai

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  1. Everything seems normal. School just let out for summer. 3 dudes are following you. Wait...3 dudes are following you? You turn around and say "Um...why are following me?" The 1st dude who is covered head to toe in dark purple, even his hair and eyes are purple, speaks up "______, we believe you are a lost princess. Come with us?" The second dude nearly chokes at how corny that sounds *it does sound corny* and he comments "Ya just say it outright." He has white hair and blue eyes, total hotness. Finally the third dude talks but its as if it pains his little black hair and silver eyes "Just grab her and let's go." You answer with a sarcastic smile but go with them.
  2. Once in their amazing Charcol Volkswagon TDI they intoduce themselves. Purple dude "I am Chandler, Prince of StarMark. I'm a telepath."White hair dude "Hey sweet thang. I'm Trace, Also I'm a potions master and can telaport." Black hair dude only says "I'm Saka, powers are creating pain in others minds." Your reaction to all this information "Wait! How come I don't have powers... Chandler?" He laughs and states "You do have powers. Seeing the future in your drawings." Creepy, how did he know I drew pictures and they came true. "Telepath remember" he says smirking.
  3. "Ugh...okay then. Are we going to this StarMark place?" you ask while the car begins to fly. You shiver at the thought. Cars flying! Ha. "Yep! I get to escort you to my room then" Trace says wagging his eyebrows. You roll your eyes at him. Suddenly the car flips and lands on top of an acient looking castle. It's giant and completely white. Really it is. "We are here" says Saka clearly in pain as he stops talking adrubtly. "Well come on Trace you did say you were escorting me." Before you have time to think your teleported to a room that looks like...
  4. Whatever you chose it is that. Trace moves closer to you lifts your chin up and kisses you softly and quickly. "See ya soon, my love" he says and disappears. Your mide feels muddled but you look around, in the closet are all your clothes and you even have your own personal bathroom. You decide to take a quick shower. The hot water pounds on your back. There is a knock on the bathroom door. "It's open" you say thinking its your house. Saka walks in eyes shut extremely tight and he says in a brooding voice "Dinner's ready go down the stairs on the left and then take a right. You'll see it" He leaves just as quickly as he came.
  5. After that little scene you get dressed into normal clothes and a sweatshirt and head down the left stairs. You take a left then and end up near a room. Voices echo out into the hall, you move stealthily over to the door and listen. It was Saka and Chandler! Chandler says "You may take her to the place. Are you still being a little creep to her?" Saka rolls his eyes (you can tell from his voice) "What do you think? I may like her, and I may not. I'm just messing with your mind Chandler." Footsteps come towards the door, you jump back guilty like and head to the RIGHT this time and sit down at the table.
  6. "Hey Trace!" you say perky like. He looks you up and down then smiles. "Where are the other two?" he asks and is answered by Saka and Chandler whispering furiously to each other. As soon as they sit down a maid comes in and sets down different food to all of us. You get a salad and a light dressing while the boys all get some type of meat. What did they think you were weak? Oh well. "So, what are we going to do now that I'm saved?" you ask innocently. Chandler laughs and says "Teach you to be a Princess again of course." Saka and Trace agree whole-heartedly to it and smile at you. Well Trace smiled, Saka glared. "Training with Chandler begins tomorrow" Trace comments playfully. Training!?
  7. After dinner you head back up to your room, Saka follows you like a snake. He comes in your room with you and says "_____, Chandler says that tomorrow evening I must take you to see your mother. She is an innkeeper at a village not far from here." Your not a queen's daughter? It was all Chandler and you marrying each other. Well thats okay you guess. "Okay. Meet you after dinner or before?" He rolls his eyes "Before!" and leaves slamming the door behind him. Hmph. You climb into bed and have nightmares all night. When you awake someone is sleeping next to you....
  8. Whoever you chose its Trace. "Morning sunshine!" he says all sunny and flirty too. "Why are you in my bed?" you ask slightly annoyed. "It's my room I gave it up for you." Trace winks gets up and jumps out the window teleporting away. A knock on the door startles you "______ training in 5 minutes, go get breakfast!" Chandler yells. You get up and dressed in a black t-shirt and white basketball shorts. Not looking like a princess shall make a point to which you are not a princess. Anyway you go downstairs and go through the door you saw the maid walk through. Inside is a lovely kitchen you ask to have some toast to go and a Pepsi. Thankfully they have both. You eat as you wait for Chandler to give you directions to the training area. Right on cue directions pop up in your mind and you follow them until you get to the front of a door. You open it and find...
  9. You open it and find...Chandler fighting off a demon. A demon? They're real? "Chandler!" you scream, dodging a fire ball that was launched at you by the demon. "It's okay" he says to you as he kills the demon. "Now back to training, first you must start dressing in dresses. Second walk toe-heel-toe-heel. Got it?" he instructs moving towards you. You nod and he leans done and whispers "Good" right before smothering you with a kiss. He becomes passionate and the kiss gets some tounge in there too. "Wait...I just met you." you say and he laughs "I'm married to you darlin." was his final remark as he left the room.
  10. As soon as he was gone you get a cramp in your hand, normally meaning you needed to draw. You head back to your/Trace's room and pick up a sketch pad and som pastels. Closing your eyes you focus on clearing your mind and the images come and draw themselves onto the paper. Before long you open your eyes and on the paper is Saka taking you to the village and your mom laughing with you. The bad part of it was though she didn't have any limbs anymore.Right then Saka flounces in "Let's go!" You just shake your head and hold up the drawing. He looks at it for a second then grimaces. "I didn't know," he says as he walks out, no more flounce in his step. "Wait!" you call and he comes back in. "What?" he askes glaring like his old self. "Kiss me"
  11. Who do you love right now?

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