The Final Dawn~Part 3~

SORRY THIS IS WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY LATE! TRACE'S results are the wrong ones...ask if you want them. (pretty sure no one will...well maybe one or two) Saka's are right so...Your good! I'm sorry again and my computer royally sucks. It wouldn't let me get on all. Suckish I know...I know.

Well....Hope you like this 3rd part. I worked hard just to get it done in one day...I really did try. Well thats it hope you enjoy I do..I do hope. xD

Created by: Kunai

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  1. Otay recap ish in place!~Saka just barely got out of your flying car and decided that Trace was the one for you, not him. You think otherwise. While Chandler ish just plain mad. What to do? What to do? Oh and Dallas'll understand the mention of him laterz.
  2. Saka literally runs towards the hotel as you jump out of the car and chase him down. Before you can pull open the door Trace is right beside you smirking. "What?" you ask him glaring as he holds the door closed. "Oh nothing...just the fact that you can't catch a break with Saka." He snickers then and pulls open the door to show Chandler coming down the stairs as if they owned the place. "We actually do own this place, _____" Chandler comments pulling you inside. "You OWN a hotel?" He nods taking his time to get up the stairs and onto a floor that is marked OWNERS in big letters. "Really? Could you guys stop being rich for 10 minutes?"
  3. Chandler thinks for a second, pain cleary etched into his face. Oh yeah he said Trace could have me. "No we can't stop being rich" he says before disappearing into a room. You look pleadingly at Trace "Your room is the one next to his..." he states before going in the one next to mine. Grr...insensitive jerks. You walk into your room to find a note on your bed and the window open. Not a good sign normally.
  4. You pick up the note and read it, heres what it says. ______, my darling. Meet me out back of the hotel. Alone. Don't bring one of your lovers. It won't work. Lovez, Dallas. DALLAS? He was freakin' alive? Didn't they say that they killed him? Right? Before really thinking you went to the last room, Saka's. Or so you hoped. You knocked on the door and Saka answered glaring. Of course, it was his signature. "Saka...I got a note from Dallas" you squeak out as his eyes widen and mouth drops.
  5. "Dallas? Are you sure?" he asks pulling you in the room. "The only way I can be positive is if I draw...but I didn't bring my drawing stuff." Saka runs to one of his many suit cases and pulls out a drawing pad and pastels. "You went in my room?" you practically shout. He nods and rolls his eyes, but motions towards them. Without thinking you sit down on the floor and begin drawing with your eyes closed. Totally focused on Dallas. Anything to do with Dallas. When you open your eyes again you see a zombie that looks REALLY close to Dallas except all zombiefied. "Oh crap! He came back from the dead" Saka says swearing a little in there too. Chandler then bursts into the room, grabs Saka and starts yelling "DALLAS IS BACK! WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ME REALLY? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Stupid mind reading Chan-wait...can't he just read that from my. Oh well. Trace stirred by the commotion came in right by your side. "Guys! Quit it. Am I gonna meet him or not?" you shout into the confuzzled mess of boys. All 3 look up at you and start answering at the same time. Chandler-"No you may not." Trace-"Of course you can sweetie" Saka-"Sure...go die for all I care" You-"SHUT UP! I'm going!" You run out of the room and go straight downstairs and to the back of the hotel. Dallas is there.
  6. "Darling, glad you could make it" he says walking slowly but with purpose. You really should have run but he was just so...charming in an uncharming way. "Of course I came" you answer deciding not to back down till the last second. "Why why would you be so stupid? I was just gonna kill ya!" Dallas then laughs and lunges for you. Right before you grabs you, Trace teleports in and out with you trailing right behind him. With eyes shut nice and tight you begin to cry. Trace holds you and whispers nice things about how its alright and how nothings going to be bad ever again. Yeah right. If you could have hit him you would have.
  7. Then right when you started feeling better Trace leans in and kisses you with such passion you didn't even know he had any. You lean in to him feeling the need to kiss him, but then Saka walks in. Perfect timing buddy! He stares then coughs loudly, Trace and you jump guiltily apart. Trace is the first to recover. "Yes?" Saka stares for a moment more before replying "Chandler wants to talk to all of us. In his room. About you-know-who." You nod and wipe the almost dry tears off your face. "Hold on. Let me change" you say noticing your still in your PJ's. There was just no time lately! They both left and you get dressed into a pink tank top and some blue Aeropostle shorts. You go out into the hall and turn to Chandler's door not really sure if you should go in there. But then again...okay yeah going in. You open the door to find the room has been used. Alot. "Chandler?" you call out unsure. "Yeah? Come on in. I'm in the Gym" he called back to you from apparently the gym. Walking back to where his voice came from you stop in the door way. Man...he had abs. Chandler was shirtless and pulling weights. It looked like he was pressing around 300. Wow.
  8. He smiled at you and wiped his brow. "Glad you could make it darling!" he states as he transforms into a very undead Dallas. "What?" you nearly choke on the one word. How could Chandler be Dallas? "Oh darling! Did no one tell you I was a shapeshifter? Thats sad." It was the last thing you heard before you were knocked unconsious. And right when you hit unconsiousness a flashback burns into your subconsious. You are sitting with Saka at a very formal dinner in StarMark. Everyone is there. Except Chandler. He had business to tend and so Saka was filling the place beside you. Saka looked at you and smiled not really realizing he had made contact with your eyes and soul at that moment. The moment you forgot every single thing...
  9. Did you like it? Sorry YET again bout how late this is. My computer really sucks. It would not let me on this! Oh well its here now.
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