The Christmas Quiz

There are many festive seasons, but the best is Christmas. This quiz was made by me and my mum. Yay team work. This is a great quiz for lovers of Christmas.

Do you love Christmas? Do you know what it takes to make a big festive lump of fun. Until now you would never know. But thanks to me you will finally know.

Created by: Blamber
  1. Are you a festive person?
  2. Do you put trimmings up?
  3. Do you bring family together?
  4. Would you rather have..
  5. Do you wear party hats from the crackers?
  6. What would would be you FAVORITE pudding?
  7. Do you ?
  8. What is the meaning of Christmas?
  9. Would you say a sprout was..
  10. FAVORITE thing to do on boxing day?

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